Sheep vs. Goats – Lenten Outreach

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church invites you to join with us to help people in distant places rise from poverty. Our flock of God’s people will buy a flock of sheep or goats for people in need. Animal donations provide families a hand up and create lasting solutions that fight poverty, hunger and disease.

ERDlogoWe will buy a flock through Episcopal Relief and Development, the international relief and development agency of The Episcopal Church. Over 90% of your donor dollar goes directly to programs in the field.

Each week we will share more about sheep and goats and their benefits for those receiving our gifts.  We want you to pray, too; in your daily prayers, lift up those who will receive our gifts.

You vote to give sheep or goats

Everyone in your family gets to help choose whether we give a flock of sheep or a flock of goats! Adults and kids can vote in church with a donation in an envelope stamped “S” or “G” placed in the offering plate. Kids can vote by coloring a sheep or goat and placing that in the offering plate. Check our progress on the Sheep vs. Goats board in church! Voting ends Saturday, March 26 at our Easter Vigil.

We stretch globally in addition to local outreach

St. Martin’s is adding this international effort in Lent to balance our local outreach. St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church reaches out locally to help Union Gospel Mission, Presbyterian Night Shelter, Meals on Wheels, Butler Branch of Boys & Girls Club, and 4Saints Food Pantry. We are working on new ways for hands-on help to our neighbors.

Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.
— Matthew 25:40

Need more info?

Contact the Rev. Scot McComas at for more information about this project and our outreach.

Sheep vs.  Goats News

Learn more about sheep and goats and track our progress to give a flock:

  • Sheep vs. Goats campaign gives a flock of 28 goats! - It’s official: St. Martin-in-the-Fields is giving goats, a large flock of them, 28 to be precise. You stepped up to help others in faraway places have a better life. Thank you for your generosity! It is transformative. Read the details of your donations and how Episcopal Relief & Development will help others with them, and see what we need to do right now!
  • Sheep vs. Goats – the final countdown! - At St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, we are working to transform our world with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lenten outreach campaign Sheep vs. Goats ends Saturday night at the Great Vigil. Goats lead sheep 3:2, ahead by $528. Your gifts to this campaign so far provide for a flock of 28 goats to be given through Episcopal Relief and Development's Gifts for Life program. Help us grow the size of that flock of animals and get in on the giving that can transform a family and a community. Here's how...
  • Sheep vs. Goats – give a gift! - Animal gifts transform a family or community’s outlook; when we give a gift of animals and education, we transform lives. Will you give, and join our flock of St. Martin’s people to give a flock of animals? Will you pray for those in need? A giving spirit grows in each person impacted by gifts. Learn how to give sheep or goats, pray and meditate using the prayers here…
  • Sheep vs. Goats – week 4 update - Go, go, goats! C'mon, sheep! When we give a gift of animals and education, we transform lives. We help people rise from poverty by providing a stable source of food and earnings. Hunger can end for a family. Economic opportunity can grow, and along with that, better health and education. Learn how animal gifts transform lives; learn fun facts about sheep and goats; help us give a flock of animals...
  • Sheep vs. Goats – week 3 update - At the end of another week, goats remain in the lead, still leading sheep 3:2! C’mon sheep fans, only you can change that! Goat fans, you can help keep goats in the lead with your gift. Any gift will help those who need a hand up out of poverty. Learn how animal gifts transform a family or community’s outlook; share prayers for people in need of the animals we will give; learn fun facts about sheep and goats ...

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