Lenten Outreach – It takes a village

This Lent, we embrace the notion of “It takes a Village.” We invite you to use our Lenten Prayer Station to grow closer to God and help support grieving children as we partner with The WARM Place® Grief Support Center in Fort Worth. We invite you to explore any of our Lenten Resources to fuel your personal growth. We also invite you to Stations of the Cross Fridays during Lent.

Lenten Prayer Station

Forty is a special number for Christians. Jesus spent forty days wandering the wilderness being tempted and having his faith tested. The ancient Israelites traveled in circles for forty years looking for the Promised Land. During that time they were guided by God via the visible pillar of fire and smoke. But more importantly, God was shaping them to be the people who carried love and the message of grace to the nations around them.
Sojourning the path of faith asks quite a bit of all of us and the season of Lent is no different. During the next forty days of spiritual wandering, we ask that you seek within the nooks and crannies of your soul for the hidden spaces where God might be shaping you. At this station, please take a tag and leave a prayer. This is a chance for you to let go of anger, hurt, and pain. It could also be a place where you start to ask yourself, “How is your soul?” Simply take a marker & write your prayer within the hands (or fingers!) on the board. 
Give yourself the space to explore and engage with your own needs this Lenten season as well as participate in our project with The WARM Place®.

Lenten Outreach Project

The WARM Place® is a nonprofit agency that provides peer-support groups for children and their families after the death of a loved one. Founded in 1989, The WARM Place® has accompanied over 35,000 children and their families along their grief journey. The program, led by trained volunteers, provides a safe environment for children to express feelings and emotions as well as the opportunity to meet with other children and families who are experiencing situations similar to their own.
Their mission is to provide year-round grief support services to children ages 3 ½ to 18 and their families, as well as young adults ages 19 to 25, who have experienced the death of a loved one.
Families are never charged a fee for the services, there are no geographical limitations, and no time limits – families are welcome to participate as long as the children are receiving benefit from the program.


In order to continue this program, they need our help. On this prayer station are specific items needed for therapy projects, cleaning, and office items. Please select an item and exchange it with your own prayer. Items will be gathered in this space throughout the forty days of Lent.
You can also download a pdf of needed items or donate to our Lenten Outreach Fund, which will in turn be donated to The WARM Place® for further needs.

Lenten Resources

In this time of reflection and learning, you’ll find some interesting ways to connect, including doodling your prayers with Praying in Color and the saintly smackdown that is Lent Madness:

Lenten Resources

Stations of the Cross

Join us each Friday in Lent through April 12 at 7 pm for Stations of the Cross.

Stations of the Cross


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