Rain and cold temperatures didn’t dampen the joyous Easter Sunday at St. Martin’s. Easter services held at 7:00am, 8:30am and 10:30am welcomed many for a message of hope and love.
“We are Easter people,” said Fr. Scot McComas, St. Martin’s rector. Fr. Scot spoke of God’s unfailing, ever-present love. Beautiful music, uplifting prayers and the unmistakable scent of lilies and incense wafted in the air. Visitors, newcomers and “old timers” became one worshiping congregation, with pews filling to the brim and chairs being added to welcome all. Babies gurgled and cooed, children’s voices filled the air and eyes glistened during baptismal vows, affirmed by the congregation with heartfelt responses of support and prayers for the newly baptized.
An egg hunt moved indoors with children hunting for eggs and teens corralling children with lots of smiles. Cookies and refreshments were served and families and friends gathered to celebrate the day.
Many pictures were taken on this joyous Easter day. Look for a complete gallery of photos.