Art at St. Martin’s

Come and enjoy Art at St. Martin’s, a quarterly art showing featuring the work of local artists. See art, speak with artists, learn about their creative process and their unique creations, and understand art through the artist’s eyes at a reception with refreshing beverages and nibbles. Invite your friends to come as we unlock the creative side of our brains and gather in fellowship!

June 3 – Gwen Meharg’s art

On June 3 at 6 pm, Art at St. Martin’s will feature the work of Fort Worth artist Gwen Meharg. Gwen shares this about her art:

I utilize abstraction to paint contemplative landscapes of hope.

Abstraction hints and tugs at memory.
Abstraction dances around the edge of story.

Good stories are true.
The stories we tell define who we are.

My contemporary abstract paintings provide a safe place, a sacred space, for stories to unfold. A moment is captured in pigment and suspended in time.

Each painting is an exploration of what has been, what is, and what might be. Each layer influences, but no single layer determines, the final result. Each painting is a declaration that beauty is possible. Each painting is a declaration of hope.


Gwen displays many art series and pieces on her website, and she also blogs there to share her reflections and creations. She has published an art series in Liturgical Sketches Journal & Coloring Book, a diary that offers a new take on an ancient practice called Visio Divina, or “divine seeing. ” Visio Divina is a method for meditating on scripture using images. Gwen mixes scripture and art and journaling and coloring in this book, encouraging us to have fun.

Invitation to show your art

All are invited to consider showing their art at St. Martin’s at our quarterly showings. Help spread the word! Do you or someone you know work with canvas, fabric, paper, photography, iconography, metal, glass, clay or mixed media? Perhaps you have a curated collection to share with the community. You or a group of collaborators can share an evening with us, inspiring our creativity, and letting us enjoy yours. Contact if you are interested or if you have questions.