Our first Art at St. Martin’s was a delightful gathering, with over 40 in attendance to see clay art by award-winning artisan Potter Rhonda Ackley of Ackley’s Artifacts. Rhonda comfortably explained her art and creative processes, and told the story about many of her individual pieces. She explained the types of clay and the material and techniques that add color. She explained throwing, carving, stamping, and other forming techniques, and the processes of firing and glazing. Participants moved around and viewed over 70 pieces of her work, listened to her stories, and enjoyed fellowship.
Corrie Cabes observed, “Clay seems to be a way Rhonda connects to the holy. It was great to hear and see how her art shows the journey of her learning and her life. Looking ahead, it’s going to neat to see how each art showing is different and unique. This first show was especially great because we didn’t we don’t bring expectations, we just showed up and participated.”
View photos of the event in this flickr photo album, or swipe through below.


December 10 – Shawn Rees’ art

Our second Art at St. Martin’s event will be on December 10 and will feature the work of Grapevine artist Shawn Rees. Shawn has worked on canvas and on paper, in pencil, watercolor, and acrylic. You can currently see some samples of his art in the choir loft, parish hall, and hallways of our church, and at at least one local restaurant.

Invitation to show your art

All are invited to consider showing their art at St. Martin’s at our quarterly showings. Help spread the word! Do you or someone you know work with canvas, clay, fabric, paper, photography, iconography, metal, glass, or mixed media? Perhaps you have a curated collection to share with the community. You or a group of collaborators can share an evening with us, inspiring our creativity, and letting us enjoy yours. Contact scot.mccomas@stmartininthefields.org if you are interested or if you have questions.