Bible study at 9:30 am Sundays

Come to the west parish hall at 9:30 am to discuss our Bible readings for the day, and together let’s open up to what the Scriptures hold for us. We’ll read, reflect, and discuss; your questions, comments and insights are welcome. This class and discussion is targeted to adults but it is suitable for teens and older tweens. The crossover time slot of 9:30 to 10:15 between our Sunday morning services give you an opportunity to come no matter which Sunday service you attend.

The Rev. Susan Slaughter, who facilitated this bible study until her retirement in February 2018, shared, “In facilitating lectionary studies and Bible studies over many years, I have come to appreciate how God imparts wisdom to all God’s people, and it is in sharing that wisdom with one another that the Church grows in the knowledge and love of God and one another.”

Having this class between services on Sundays will bring together those who have already begun thinking about the Scriptures through the readings and the sermon at the 8:30 am service and those who will attend the 10:30 am service, preparing them to engage more deeply with the Scriptures and the sermon.

One of the beautiful aspects of The Episcopal Church is that we are encouraged to use our God-given ability to reason. We can question, agree, disagree and come to our own conclusions, recognizing that we are on a journey and that God welcomes us and loves us with an unfailing love.

Join us for these lay-led discussions each week!

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