24 Days of Giving Food: reverse Advent calendar makes a positive difference

If you’re looking for a meaningful Christmas tradition for yourself or your family, here is an idea that keeps the focus on the needs of others. An Advent calendar is a traditional way to count the days to Christmas, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation. This Advent calendar invites you to put one item of non-perishable food aside each December day before Christmas as a gift for people served by 4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry.
Here’s what you do:

  • Get a box. Wine or liquor boxes with cardboard compartments work well; any box will do. Decorate it if you want. Attach the December calendar we’ve provided here.
  • Add a food item to it daily. Our recommended list is below.
  • At or after Christmas Eve, bring it back to church, or bring it next time your’re at church or school. Put it with the larger 4Saints collection box in the back of the church.

Get kids involved with:

  • Decorating the box
  • Planning items to purchase
  • Shopping & selecting items
  • Putting an item in the box every day
  • Praying
  • Coloring in or marking off the calendar
  • Making a Christmas card to be included for the clients of 4Saints
  • Remembering to bring the box to church!

Add some prayer!

  • Pray daily for people who need food assistance
  • Pray to see and serve other needs in our community

Suggested non-perishable items:
Sizes are what the pantry typically stocks, which makes it easy for them to store. They will accept any in-date and unopened food items!

  • Canned vegetables & beans – 15 oz cans
  • Canned fruit – 15 oz cans
  • Canned soups – 10.5 oz
  • Canned chicken broth – 14 oz
  • Canned meats
  • Cans or jars of spaghetti sauce
  • Boxes of pasta – 16 oz
  • Rice, Beans- 1 lb bags
  • Mac & cheese – boxed, 7.5 oz
  • Boxed cornbread mix, 8.5 oz
  • Instant potatoes
  • Boxed dinners
  • Boxed cereal & oatmeal
  • Flour & Sugar – 2-4 lb
  • Peanut butter, smooth – 18 oz
  • Jelly
  • Cooking oil – 48 oz
  • Boxed crackers & cookies

About the pantry

4Saints Episcopal Food Pantry is an Episcopal food bank within our deanery. The Meadowbrook area of Fort Worth, where St. Luke’s in the Meadow Episcopal Church lies, has many low-income families, and hunger is an issue there. 4Saints is the only food pantry in the area. St. Martin’s joins St. Luke’s, St. Alban’s, Arlington and St. Stephen’s, Hurst in our support of this food ministry.

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  1. The Maddons

    Love this idea! Thanks for the suggestion. I hope we have a big show of participation.

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