Wow is it that time already?

As we close out the 2012 Liturgical Calendar the end of this month I look back on the recent events that have taken place, On 2/3 November we had the 30th annual Diocesan Convention in Stephenville.  Along with the normal items of business such as budget, elections, reports and resolutions there were two things that happened that are signs of continued new life in our diocese and parish.

The first was an ordination during which our own Henry Penner was ordained to the vocational deaconate on Friday afternoon.  Henry will be serving here at St. Martin’s and he assumed his duties as deacon on Sunday the 4th of November.  

The other was the installation of the Rt. Rev. Rayford High as the 3rd Provisional Bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth.  Bishop High will getting the feel of the diocese over the next few weeks getting to know his staff and the people in the parishes and missions that make up the diocese.  We already have a visitation scheduled in early May for him to do confirmations but we will see him here at St. Martin’s before that.  Included in this Fielder is a copy of a pastoral letter he wrote to the people of the diocese and distributed at the close of the convention on the 3rd.

On Sunday the 11th we celebrated the feast of our patron saint St. Martin and had the acolyte installation honoring those saints among us we help serve at the altar every week.  And now we roll into December.  The first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the new church year, is on Sunday the 2nd.  The church year begins anew and we roll into the Advent and Christmas seasons.

But prior to Christmas on the 21st of December, St. Thomas Day, we will have another ordination here at St. Martin’s.  Another of our own Jordan Haynie will be ordained to the Transitional Deaconate the Friday before Christmas at 7:00 pm.  Bishop High will be here to ordain and celebrate and Bishop Ohl will preach.  Jordan will be here to celebrate with us during the Christmas season.  After Christmas she will be returning to seminary to complete her last semester and will graduate in May.
Christmas Eve falls on Monday this year.  On Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd we will have our regular schedule of services with the greening of the church following the 10:30 am service on the 23rd.  A copy of the Christmas Eve services schedule for Monday the 24th can be found in this edition of the Fielder.  On Tuesday the 25th we will have our regular Christmas morning service at 11:00 am in the church.
And finally to allow the staff to recover from 9 services in 5 days and spend time with their families the Church office will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year.  In the event of an emergency Mother Amy and I will both be in town and be available.  So in answer to my opening question, yes it is that time of year already

Fr. Jim

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