Wednesday Study to tackle “The Jesus Driven Life” starting September 2

On September 2, the Wednesday Study will begin a 16-week series with The Jesus Driven Life (second edition) byMichael Hardin. It’s everything you wanted to know about Jesus but were afraid to ask! This is a manual for understanding Jesus’ life and times, his understanding of God, his mission, his passion and his model of living the ‘shalom’ of his Abba. Topics that we will cover are the Christian life, how Jesus read his Bible, the mission and message of Jesus, Constantinian Christianity, understanding human culture, interpreting the Old Testament, Paul, and the Gospel of John. There will also be a little something on Hebrews and the Revelation of John along with a fresh perspective on the Lord’s prayer.

If you would like to order a book for $20, sign the list in the back of the church or taped to the office hallway window. The deadline for ordering is Sunday, August 23. You can make your check payable to St. Martin’s and put “Jesus Driven Life” in the memo field. Books are $24.95 on Amazon and  $8.99 on Kindle. Scholarships for books are available; please contact
Our Wednesday Study group meets from 10 – 11:30 am; Father Scot is currently teaching about world religions in the west parish hall. On September 2, the group will begin to meet in the chapel.
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