Wednesday Study to resume “The Jesus Driven Life” starting January 6

On January 6, the Wednesday Study will resume its video and discussion series of The Jesus Driven Life by Michael Hardin at 10 am in the sanctuary. The class will pick back up with this book in Chapter 4, section 4.  It’s not too late to join! Please contact please contact with questions.

The Jesus Driven Life has much of what you wanted to know about Jesus but were afraid to ask! It’s a manual for understanding Jesus’ life and times, his understanding of God, his mission, his passion and his model of living the ‘shalom’ of his Abba. Topics that we will cover are the Christian life, how Jesus read his Bible, the mission and message of Jesus, Constantinian Christianity, understanding human culture, interpreting the Old Testament, Paul, and the Gospel of John. There will also be a little something on Hebrews and the Revelation of John along with a fresh perspective on the Lord’s prayer.

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