Wednesday Night Bible Study

Wednesday nights will be busy at St. Martin’s starting October 9!  Our new Wednesday night program, facilitated by Aubrey Hardman and our clergy, will explore stewardship as part of our Christian walk of faith. Join us for discussion, prayer, coffee and dessert from 7-8 p.m. in the west parish hall. Childcare will be provided.  This class will run from October 9-November 6.

October 9: Spending Time – The Eternal Value of Numbering Our Days

We need to manage our time with eternity in mind. None of us knows how many days, hours, or seconds we have left on Earth; all of us want to spend those days, hours, and seconds on something significant. This study will instruct us on the value of numbering our days. By doing so, we realize how few we actually have, spend them wisely, and live them out for God’s eternal purposes.

Scripture: Psalm 90

October 16: Finding Financial Freedom

A great number of Americans today are enslaved by money. They’re in bondage to their creditors, the consumer culture, and their own insatiable appetites for more and more stuff. The purpose of this Bible study is to provide biblical steps to financial freedom. If you want your life to count, you have to master your money.

Scripture: Proverbs 11:24; 13:6–16; 17:16; 22:26–27

October23: Tithes, Offerings and Thieves

God wants to minister to our nation and our world in many wonderful ways, yet he chooses to work through the obedience and generosity of his children. The purpose of this study is to awaken a desire for obedience and generosity in our hearts. To have a life that counts, we must stop robbing God and start giving generously.

Scripture: Malachi 3:7–12

October 30: Use Your Talents Wisely

Every Christian has God-given talents. Unfortunately, it seems that only a few Christians have learned how to mobilize those talents to make an eternal impact for the kingdom of God. The purpose of this study is to help us use our God-given talents for maximum impact. To do that, Christians must focus on their strengths, use their gifts with excellence, and live with intensity.
Scripture: 1 Peter 4:7–11

November 6: Give It All To Jesus

 All of us have time, money, and talents. And all of us have something that could potentially cause us to walk away from Jesus and become deprived of a life that counts. The purpose of this study is to warn  about the danger of holding back our resources from Jesus. Jesus offers us a life that counts, now and forever; all we have to do is let  go of what we want and put our resources in his hands.
Scripture: Mark 10:17–31
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