Vestry Minutes – September 16, 2018

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Minutes

September 16, 2018
Present:  Mary Beth Butler (member & clerk), Christopher DeClerk, Keen Haynes, Becky Snell, Linda Seeber, Linda Snow, Scot McComas, Rector; Christopher Thomas, Assisting Priest; D.J. Mitchell, Treasurer. Following election added: Brandy Heckel, Christopher Mullaney, Ben Taylor.
Not Present: Sharon Dudek, Joel Walker, Nancy Wieden.
A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, September 16, 2018 in the West Parish Hall.  The meeting opened with prayer by the Rector at 12:20 PM.
Election of New Vestry Members
New vestry members were elected to fill vacant seats as follows:
Haynes moved the vestry elect Christopher Mullaney to complete the term of Kathy Wilkinson which ends 2019; Snell moved the vestry elect Brandy Heckel to complete the term of Jim Bedell which ends 20020; Butler moved the vestry elect Ben Taylor to complete the term of Ike Ogbue which ends 2021. Each motion carried unanimously.
New members were seated and welcomed by the rector, with thanks for their willingness to serve. Each will be supplied with a copy of The Vestry Handbook, keys, name tags, mail boxes, and contacted for a required background check.
Presentation by Senior Warden
Snow distributed a document titled, “Observations by the Senior Warden” outlining several group norms for members to adopt to help meetings run smoothly and end in a timely manner. Her recommendations are attached and made a part of these minutes.
Bible Study
The Rector led the vestry in a bible study using Mark 8:27-29a, 34-35.
Consideration of Minutes
Minutes of the August 19, 2018 meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Mitchell led a review of the financials as presented. Haynes moved acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report. The motion carried.
Finance Committee Announced
A Finance Committee of the Treasurer, Senior Warden, Rector, Snell, Haynes, and Heckel was created to work on the 2019 budget. The rector noted that the Finance Committee meets monthly on the Saturday prior to Vestry meetings at 3 pm in the Chapel. All are welcome to attend.
Vote on Church Management Software
DeClerk reported that the staff and vestry members who have reviewed the online giving options proposed have unanimously agreed on the Breeze church management program. It will replace the ICON software currently used. The cost for Breeze will not be higher than that for ICON. The plan is to introduce Breeze in the next weeks and run it concurrently with ICON until the new fiscal year, then continue with Breeze alone. Haynes moved that the change in software be made. The motion carried.
Haynes reported on the 2019 pledge campaign plans and shared a copy of the draft pledge card. The theme for the year is Boundless Giving.
Rector’s Report

  1. Discussion of Bylaws: This was tabled for future review.
  2. Youth Group Information and Discussion: The rector asked the vestry to consider ways to ensure that our restrooms are appropriately welcoming to young people in the process of coming out as transgender. 

Junior Warden Report
Seeber remarked on her written report, presented prior to the meeting. The report is attached to and made a part of these minutes.
Senior Warden Report
No report was presented.
Other Topics for Discussion
It was announced that the prior week’s offering of red envelopes for the 17 Cents a Pound food campaign had netted $362.
Mullaney noted that some members of the Holy Mowers team need keys to be able to access water and facilities.
Announcements/Upcoming Events
October 6: Pet Blessing 5 pm; drive-thru Pet Blessing 5:45 pm
October 28: Trunk or Treat Youth & Children’s Fundraiser with Potluck 12:00 pm
November 4: Stewardship Ingathering Potluck Luncheon 12:00 pm
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 PM with prayer by Haynes.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Butler, Clerk
Please note:  Next regular vestry meeting Sunday, October 21, WEST (SMALL) Parish hall.
lunch provided by Sharon Dudek       closing prayer: Linda Snow