Vestry Minutes: October 17, 2021

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Minutes
October 17, 2021

All members  (Zoom or in person) except Linda Seeber and Julie Sutton

Opening Prayer – Father Alan

Minutes from September were presented – one change concerning the location of the convention from Texas Wesleyan to virtual.  Next year it is slated to be at Texas Wesleyan

Bob Bess made a motion to accept the minutes and changes.  DJ Mitchell seconded.  All approved

Financial Report – DJ Mitchell

  • Presented the spending for the month
  • Noted that the renovations from the flood are coming to an end and payments will be made
  • Presented the budget report which will be on file and attached.

Chris Mullaney made a motion to accept the budget report and Jim McManic seconded.  All approved.

Gary Wilkinson

  • Reiterated what DJ had reported
  • Reviewed the stewardship report for the end of September.
  • Committee will begin building the budget for 2022 after campaign ends.

Keen Haynes made a motion to accept Gary’s report and Bob Bess seconded. All approved.

Senior Warden’s Report – Keen Haynes

  • 4 to stand for election to vestry and 5 delegates with 2 alternates.

Junior Warden Report – Bob Bess/Chris Mullaney

  • Bob discussed the roof repairs and AC repairs, floor replacement and other damages due to the flood.
  • Bob made a motion to purchase MyCloud to enhance technology. Discussion about what we should buy and how it will help with our presentations etc.  Joe Start seconded the motion, vestry approved the purchase after talking with Chuck Taylor as what he specifically needs.
  • Committee met with the City of Southlake regarding a plan for Pearson Lane and how it would affect our grounds.

Pastoral Care – Paula Jefferson

  • Met with Alan and Christian Formation leaders.  Discussed what was working and what needed to be improved.  Made some changes to some of the classes.
  • Announced that anointing was being resumed.

Rector’s Report – Alan Bentrup

  • Encouraged by Stewardship Campaign and where we are in the campaign.
  • Announced worship changes and addition of 8:00 services and attendance.
  • Started a conversations about renovations to the sanctuary in the near future.

Closing Prayer – Melissa Kurkel

Meeting was adjourned at 2:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Anderson – Vestry Member/Clerk