Vestry Minutes – October 16, 2022

Vestry Meeting – St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church
October 16, 2022

Present: Alan Bentrup, Jim McManic, Keen Haynes, Bob Garrity, Mary Anderson, Melissa Kurkul, Amanda Alvarez, Rick Schulz, Bob Bess, Gary Wilkinson

Absent: Jen Duncan, Joe Stark, and Linda Seeber

  • The September minutes were presented. No changes were made.  Bob Bess made a motion to accept the minutes and DJ Mitchell seconded.  Vestry voted and approved.

Opening Prayer

Finance Committee Report – Gary Wilkinson

  • See attached report for details
  • Highlights:
    • General fund has increased over the month.
    • Diocesan assessment is not being changed so that monies will not be spent elsewhere until we know our assessment to the dioceses.
    • External audit is being budgeted.
  • 23 parishioners have returned their pledge cards = $149,000
  • November 19th is the next meeting to continue planning the 2023 budget.

Treasurers Report – DJ Mitchell

  • See attached report for details.
  • Reported the “draft budget” was being done
  • Needs from ministries need be determined by the November vestry meeting.
  • Monies will be added to particular areas:
    • Part time priest
    • Youth minister
    • Financial Manager
  • Bob Bess made a motion to accept the reports and Keen Haynes seconded. Vestry voted to accept the budget and treasurers report.

Senior Warden – Keen Haynes

  • General Convention is in February in Galveston
  • Members who are elected as delegates will be on a 13 month term.
  • Mentioned that 4 candidates are needed for vestry for 2023 as well as delegates.

Jr Warden – Rick Schulz

  • Reported:
    • Fire code issues are being addressed by Cintas
    • Striping of the parking lot will be completed soon.
    • AC unit issues are complete with the company flushing out and cleaning the units.
    • Sprinkler man is working on the system.
  • Alan mentioned that a property committee will meet to discuss upkeep on the grounds, scout projects that have been submitted and other issues.
  • Committee will report back to the vestry for final approval.

Alan Bentrup

  • The City of Southlake will hold a forum for neighborhoods and any other people affected by the changes presented by the architectural firm. The SPIN – Southlake Program for Involvement of Neighborhoods will host the meeting with the architects present.  This will be a public meeting advertised by the city.
  • Christmas Schedule for services were presented. More to come.
  • Letters for Thanksgiving and Christmas offerings will be sent out during the respective time of year.
  • November meeting will be held on ZOOM due to Alan being out of town on the Sunday of the regularly scheduled vestry meeting.

Closing Prayer

Adjourned at 12:45

Respectfully submitted – Mary Anderson