Vestry Minutes – November 21, 2022

Vestry Meeting – St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church
November 21, 2022

Meeting was held by ZOOM

Present: Alan Bentrup, Jim McManic, Bob Garrity, Mary Anderson, Melissa Kurkul, Rick Schulz, Bob Bess, Jen Duncan, Linda Seeber, DJ Mitchell, Gary Wilkinson

Absent: Amanda Alvarez and Keen Haynes.

  • Opening Prayer
  • The October minutes were presented. No changes were made.  Bob Bess made a motion to accept the minutes and DJ Mitchell seconded.  Vestry voted and approved.
  • Finance Committee Report – Gary Wilkinson
    • See attached report for details
    • Highlights:
      • Increase in general fund
      • Ahead with expenses for the year
      • 77 pledges – 80% of goal – Letters will be sent out in the weeks to come.
      • Next budget meeting is December 17th.
    • Treasurers Report – DJ Mitchell
      • See attached report for details.
        • 3 points to remind everyone regarding budget:
          • AC units are older and will be in need of replacing at any time
          • Looking at hiring a part time clergy
          • Diocesan assessment
        • There is a bid out for solar panels – still waiting for the company to respond.
      • Bob Bess made a motion to accept the reports and Keen Haynes seconded. Vestry voted to accept the budget and treasurers report.

Senior Warden – Keen Haynes via Alan

  • Announced the resignation of Joe Stark. Replacement to be voted on in January.
  • Members who are elected as delegates will be on a 13 month term.
  • Candidates being sought for all positions.

Jr Warden – Rick Schulz

  • Reported:
    • Locksmith bill from July is still in need of being paid.
    • Cintas work is completed
    • New locks to be installed per dioceses mandates
  • Master Plan update w/city of Southlake
    • Positive Meeting,
    • Packet being prepared for neighbors to the north
    • Next step is to present to the congregation
  • Clergy Conference
    • Grants available for different things
  • Advent Schedule announced

Closing Prayer

Adjourned at 8:05

Respectfully submitted – Mary Anderson