Vestry Minutes: November 21, 2021

St. Martin-in-the Fields Vestry Minutes November 21, 2021

Present:  Keen Haynes, DJ Mitchell, Linda Seeber, Melissa Kurkel, Mary Anderson, Jim McManic, Bob Garrity, Bob Bess, and Chris Mullaney

Absent:  Joe Stark, Amanda Alvarez, and Julie Sutton

Meeting was called to order at 12:30

Approved minutes from the October 2021 meeting

DJ Mitchell: Finance Report

  • See attached information for a detailed report
  • Announced stewardship statistics and a comparison to last year at this point in the stewardship campaign.
  • Letters will be going out to parishioners that have not pledged and follow up phone calls.

Bob Bess made a motion to accept the reports.  Jim McManic seconded.  Voted to approve

Gary Wilkinson – Finance Committee

  • Commented on stewardship and current numbers
  • Committee will start working on the 2022 budget in December
  • Finance Committee will meet again on December 18th

Liaison Report – Lisa Goodner

  • Godly Play training available
  • Good News Garden updates
  • Eagle Scout project is about to be completed.

Keen Haynes – Senior Warden

  • 4 Vestry Candidates are running for 2022
  • 3/5 delegates are running for delegates

Bob Bess/Chris Mullaney – Jr Wardens

  • Spoke about the Southlake sidewalk Project
  • Tile bids are out for repairs to parish hall
  • Painting 5 rooms
  • Asked the vestry to consider an increase of $20.00 per week for cleaning contract
  • A motion was made by Keen Haynes to approve the clergy to sign off legal agreements in the future (Article 9.2 of the SMITF bylaws) Voted and approved.

Paula Jefferson – Curate Report

  • Seen attached for update due to Paula Jefferson not being present

Alan Bentrup – Clergy Report

  • Alan is in talks with a group regarding use of the church in the future and a partnership with the church .
  • Covid prodicals will continue except asking the committee to drop the registration process.

Closing Prayer – Melissa Kurkel

Adjourned at 1:50

Respectfully submitted
Mary Anderson – Vestry Clerk