Vestry Minutes – March 17, 2019

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Minutes – March 17, 2019
Present:  Bob Bess, Mary Beth Butler (member & clerk), Christopher DeClerk, Sharon Dudek, Keen Haynes, Scot McComas, Rector; D.J. Mitchell (member & treasurer), Christopher Mullaney, Linda Seeber, Julie Sutton, Ben Taylor, Christopher Thomas, Assisting Priest
Absent: Brandy Heckel, Becky Snell
A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, March 17, 2019 in the East Parish Hall.  The meeting opened with prayer by the Rector at 12:32 PM.
Bible Study
The Rector led the Vestry in a Bible study using 1 Corinthians 12:4-31. 
Senior Warden to Chair Vestry Meetings
The Rector reminded the vestry that although church canons state he is president of both the parish and the vestry, canons also authorize him to appoint another person to chair meetings in his stead if he chooses. He has asked the Senior Warden, Keen Haynes, to share chairing of vestry meetings for the rest of this vestry year. The rector will open the meetings as usual and lead the Bible study, then turn the chair over to Haynes for the balance of the meeting.
Meeting Norms
In the interest of helping meetings go more smoothly vestry members endorsed having a list of norms for meetings which will apply to all those present at vestry meetings – not only those who are officially a part of the meeting but those who come as visitors and observers. The list will be read at the beginning of all Vestry meetings. 
Consideration of Minutes
Minutes of the January 27, 2019 Annual Meeting were approved as corrected. Minutes of the January 27, 2019 Special Called Vestry Meeting were approved. Minutes of the February 17, 2019  Vestry Meeting were approved as corrected.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Mitchell reported on the January 2019 financials. Sutton moved acceptance and the motion carried.
Fundraiser Updates & Calendar Planning
The Rummage Sale held the weekend of March 15-16 was extremely successful, with funds raised close to $5000 (a full assessment has yet to be made). Further success was noted in the hard work of Brandy Heckel and other organizers and volunteers, and in the opportunity provided for the parish to work together toward a common goal.
Additional fundraising opportunities were suggested as follows:
Band of Moms is considering a “Mom Prom” – invite Good Shepherd Catholic Church to join us.
Oktoberfest Polka Band with Sausage, sauerkraut and a craft beer contest
CPR Classes – Christopher DeClerk is certified to offer several types of CPR classes and this could be beneficial to our community’s health and also serve as a fund raiser. DeClerk and Mitchell will bring forward a proposal on this.
Parish Picnic with Blood Drive, Bounce House, homemade ice cream contest – Sutton agreed to manage this event. Good Shepherd Church will also be invited to this event.
Shrove Tuesday Change for 2020
Sutton moved that due to schedule difficulties with a weeknight event, the 2020 Shrove Tuesday Pancake Meal be moved to Sunday, February 23, 2020, immediately following the 10:30 service. A vote was taken and the motion carried.
Welcome Ministry Initiatives (Invite-Welcome-Connect)
The Rector asked for reports on phone calls to visitors. Calls made so far have not been returned. More copies of cards were distributed and vestry members were asked to make calls and report on them next month.
Junior Warden’s Report

  1. Bess reported that he anchored the dishwasher in the office building.
  2. Bess also proposed that the short “wheelchair pew” which is in the back of the nave be moved forward, swapped for an existing pew, and placed in the center of the space. This will allow room for two wheelchairs, one on either side, and will not place our wheelchair using members in the back pew.
  3. Mullaney said that some of the Dutch doors (two-part doors) are made of particle board and are deteriorating. They need to be replaced. He will consult with the Head of School on State requirements for these doors.

Senior Warden’s Report
Haynes suggested that the church adopt a year-round stewardship program, with quarterly focus on Wealth, Health, Time and Talent, and the Environment. A quarterly blood drive was suggested as part of this and will begin at the June 2 picnic. 
Rector’s Report

  1. The Rector made the Vestry Liaison Assignments. The list of responsibilities is attached and made a part of these minutes.
  2. He announced the appointment of the following to serve as a Personnel Committee – Bess, Butler, DeClerk, Haynes, and Mitchell.

Announcements/Upcoming Events
Vestry members are reminded to update their Safe Church Training (if required) by June. If not sure what classes to take and when, contact Anika in the church office.
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm with prayer by Mullaney
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Butler, Clerk