Vestry minutes – June 28, 2015 meeting

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Meeting
June 28, 2015

Present: Gregory Anderson, Bob Bess, Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey, Annette Duff, Pat Hollifield, Gil Kleinwechter, Elizabeth Mason, DJ Mitchell, Courtney Mullaney, Cyndy Sulots  and Jim Wilson; the Rev Scot McComas, Rector; Glenda Morehead, Clerk; Doug Watson, Treasurer.

A regular meeting of the vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, June 28, 2015, at 12:30 PM in the East Parish Hall. The meeting opened with prayer by the Rector. The Senior Warden chaired the meeting.
Memorial Garden Report
Cathy Tolliver, chair of the Memorial Garden Committee, gave a presentation that included the current status of plantings in the garden and plans for the future regarding the plants. The other current members of the committee are Steve Anderson and Doug Watson. She presented proposed Memorial Garden Guidelines for consideration by the Vestry. Vestry members had recommendations for changes to the Guidelines. Gregory Anderson moved the Vestry approve the Memorial Garden Guidelines with the necessary changes. Jack Bolerjack seconded the motion which carried. The resulting document is attached to and made a part of these minutes. There being some confusion as to the name of the Memorial Garden Committee, Gregory Anderson moved that “Memorial Garden Committee” be the official name used on the website and all church documentation. Courtney Mullaney seconded the motion and the name was adopted. Consideration of Minutes Minutes of the May 17, 2015, meeting were corrected. Jim Wilson moved the corrected minutes be approved, DJ Mitchell seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reviewed the monthly financial reports. (See attached.)  DJ Mitchell moved the treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. Gregory Anderson seconded the motion and the report was accepted.

Investment Committee
DJ Mitchell, committee chair, reported that the committee is in the process of determining their tasks and how to accomplish them. More information will be forthcoming in the months ahead.
Gil Kleinwechter reminded Vestry members of the documents he provided in May to be used by Vestry members as they help church ministries set their stewardship goals for the future. Vestry members accepted the responsibility for liaison with the various ministries as follows:

Radical Hospitality and Newcomers           Pat Hollifield and Courtney Mullaney

Outreach                                                           Elizabeth Mason and Cyndy Sulots

Pastoral Care                                                    Gregory Anderson and Annette Duff

Christian Education and Formation           Charles Busey and Courtney Mullaney

Worship Support                                             Cyndy Sulots and Jim Wilson

Committees and Elected Lay Leadership    Bob Bess and Gil Kleinwechter

Facilities and Grounds                                    Jack Bolerjack and DJ Mitchell

Kleinwechter requested that completed forms be returned by the August Vestry meeting.

St. Martin’s Episcopal School Report
Annette Duff, a member of the school board reported that at the June 2, 2015, meeting of the board Karrie Marling resigned, effective immediately, as chair of the board and from the board itself. Gary Wilkinson becomes a member of the board starting August 25. 44 students are registered at this time for the fall term. Gross receipts from the recent School Fundraiser were approximately $9,950.00. The Spring School Fundraiser for 2016 is scheduled for April 30 beginning at 6 PM. DJ Mitchell moved that the income from the 2015 School Fundraiser be used for the salary of the new kindergarten teacher, to create an outdoor education area and for enhanced curriculum for the school chaplain. Annette Duff seconded the motion, which carried.
Christian Education Report
The written report of Corrie Cabes, Children Youth Minister and School Chaplain, is attached to and made a part of these minutes.
Communications Committee
The written reports of the committee are attached to and made a part of these minutes. Linda Snow has agreed to act as historian for St. Martin’s, and will research the church’s history on commemorations, plaques, etc. The committee plans to have recommendations for vestry consideration ready in time for the July 19 vestry meeting.
Radical Hospitality and Newcomers
The written report of the chair, Flo Lowrey, is attached and made a part of these minutes. The Rector asked Vestry members once again to take part in the next Newcomers’ Party scheduled at 6 PM, September 19 following the 5 PM service. The storage space for name badges has no room for new badges. The Rector stated that he has been informed that Steve Anderson is a good source for help with the problem. The Senior Warden will contact Anderson. The Rector plans to work with the people planning the new badge storage space.
Grow the Church Ministry
The report of Elizabeth Mason is attached and made a part of these minutes. The next meeting of the committee will be August 9, 2015. Flo Lowrey has asked to work on the follow-up after the Zip Code Parties are finished.
Diocesan Information
As of July 1 the Diocese of Fort Worth will have a new provisional Bishop, the Rt. Rev Scott Mayer. The diocesan canons are being rewritten and all Vestry members were encouraged to go on the diocesan website, read the proposed new canons and form their own opinions of the proposed changes. The diocese has money available for Mission and Outreach grants. The deadline for grant requests is August 14. Any proposed requests should receive the approval of the Rector before submission.
Jr. Wardens Report
Charles Busey reported the following out of the meeting of the Buildings and Grounds Committee:
Handyman Decision: It has been determined that the person hired for regular maintenance and minor repairs at St. Martin’s is not fulfilling his role as expected. Other arrangements can be made for those responsibilities at a much lower cost. Gregory Anderson moved the Vestry terminate the current paid handyman. Cyndy Sulots seconded the motion and the position was terminated.
Cleaning Service Contract: The current cleaning service responsible for cleaning all facilities is not complying with repeated requests to clean the buildings at the times and in the manner necessary for church activities. Another service has been contacted which has agreed to do the work as needed by the church and at a lower cost. Vestry consensus is that the change in cleaning service would be to the advantage of St. Martin’s. No motion was needed to change cleaning services, since the cost of the change would not increase the amount budgeted.
Energy Audit Update:  All incandescents have been replaced except those in the front of the church in the altar area and its surroundings. Consultant Daniel Fails will meet Wednesday evening with Gil Kleinwechter, Susan Kleinwechter and Jim Wilson regarding the needs for those fixtures. Jim Wilson will also ask Fails’ opinion of LED replacements of fluorescents and the cost thereof.
Floor Buffing: The buffing of floors throughout the facilities is planned after the completion of repairs and before the start of school.
Rector’s Report
New Presiding Bishop:
The Rector stated that the newly elected presiding bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Bishop of the Diocese of North Carolina, was the bishop who ordained him priest. Bishop Curry will be installed as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church November 1 in Washington Cathedral.
Festival in the Fields: Although a Fall Festival in the Fields has been entered on the church calendar, apparently no work has been done in preparation for it, and no one has come forward to chair the event. Several people shared impressions from the past 3 years in which a Festival has been held – mainly due to the overwhelming efforts of Linda and Dick Seeber. The Rector will take the subject under advisement and make a decision after consulting with interested parties.
Worship: Worship services continue to grow, and many are taking advantage of the opportunities to worship more than just the 3 weekend services.
Auditing Committee Appointed:  The Rector appointed the following to serve as the 2015 Auditing Committee which will audit the church’s financial records of 2014: Aubrey Hardman, chair; Jack Bailey, Annette Duff, Courtney Mullaney and Meagan Timmons. The audit will be done August 22.
Church Personnel Changes:
Financial Manager:
A person has been found to replace Jan Rees, who is retiring as Financial Manager August 1. The Search Committee has found an extremely qualified person who will receive the same salary as Rees. Anyone interested in meeting the individual is welcome to come to the final interview at 10 AM Tuesday. The person will be in the financial office 9 AM to 3 PM Tuesday and Wednesday, with other times possibly available if needed.
School Personnel: Since she meets all the necessary licensing requirements and continues to do an exemplary job, the Rector is changing Cindy James title from Interim Director of St. Martin’s Episcopal School to Director of St. Martin’s Episcopal School. Vestry consensus is that the change is appropriate. Elizabeth Highsmith will take on the task of assisting the director.
Wall Repair from Classroom Flooding: Work by the restoration firm to repair the wall damage continues. Any rain lengthens the time needed for the repair, so no completion date is available at this time. The plan is to have the repair completed in time for preparation for the school year.
The meeting closed with prayer by Jack Bolerjack.

Jim Wilson move the meeting be adjourned; Gregory Anderson seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Glenda Morehead



Memorial garden guidelines for St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church

St. Martin-in-the-Fields’ Memorial Garden was created for the use of the family and friends of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. It is intended to be a place of comfort, peace and inspiration for the living and a place of reverence for our dearly departed. The plants and decorations have been thoughtfully and lovingly placed to try to achieve these intentions. For that reason, these guidelines have been created to try to ensure the garden continues to be a place of serenity and respect.
1. The plantings in the garden have been chosen to thrive in the sun and soil conditions for this location. While donations of plants are gratefully accepted, all plants must be approved by the Memorial Garden Committee to ensure suitability for the sun and soil conditions. In addition, all plants have specific space requirements; therefore, the planting of anything new in the memorial garden must be handled by someone from the committee after approval.
2. For maintenance reasons, only perennial plants are used in the memorial garden.
3. All mulches used in the memorial garden have been chosen for ease of maintenance and with the idea of being earth-friendly to keep the soil healthy. Only natural materials may be used. No other colored mulches, stone or man-made materials can be placed in the garden from this point forward.
4. In order to retain the serenity and beauty of St. Martin-in-the-Fields’ memorial garden, it is necessary to limit the amount and size of statues or decorations that can be added to the garden. All additions must be approved by the Memorial Garden Committee.
5. Nameplates, markers, etc. must be ordered through the church office in order to preserve continuity.
6. When placing decorations for holidays or other special occasions, please be aware of the size and appearance of the decoration. Live flowers and wreaths will die and need to be removed in a short time. Even decorations that are not alive are subject to the effects of weather. Maintenance of the garden relies on volunteers, so everyone is asked to remove their decorations in a timely manner.
7. The Memorial Garden Committee has the day-to-day responsibility of reviewing and evaluating all requests. However, any questions or concerns can be referred to the rector for a final decision.
Download a PDF copy of the policy.

Children and Youth Minister/School Chaplain Report June 2015

EYC (Episcopal Youth Community)
Wednesday nights are amazing with Mass on the Grass! This informal summer worship experience has offered opportunities for children and youth to actively participate in the worship service by serving as readers, helping with communion and prayers. Serving side by side with clergy and lay ministers, youth truly feel a part of important ministry in the church. It is a blessing to have this opportunity, brought to us by Fr Scot. After the service, young and old linger in the fields, enjoy the cool evening breeze, play games or just hang out.
A Few Highlights:

  • EYC will continue to meet during the summer months on every second Sunday for Service Sunday (sack lunches for UGM). Teens meet on the fourth Sunday for Sunday Funday, a time for fun and fellowship.
  • We are partnering with the Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, Midland, Texas for a day of service at Union Gospel Mission in June. Look for pictures and web articles about our time with Holy Trinity.

 Summer Children’s Chapel
The children and teens of St. Martin follow the cross to the chapel during the summer months. Our young people read the Bible readings aloud and are actively involved in a children’s sermon by asking great questions or acting out a scene from the Bible. We are also inviting adults to come to chapel from each ministry in the church to talk about their particular calling and how God is reaching out to all of us through the Holy Spirit.
Lava Lava Island: Our 2015 Vacation Bible School Theme
June has been a month of intense Vacation Bible School (VBS) preparation. At the time of this report, we are just about to take off for an island adventure where Jesus’ love flows. We are looking forward to our partnership with Fever United and can’t wait to welcome families and children through our doors. We are trying something new with Vacation Bible School this year and we look forward to seeing what we think about our big, bold step to try VBS at night. After VBS, look for a “debriefing” where we will revisit VBS and see where we might go next.
City Week
Save the date! Youth ages 12-18 are invited to participate in a mission trip to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM) on July 20-23. An optional celebration day at Six Flags will be held on Friday, July 24 for those completing the mission trip.
Look for news and a fall preview in July with all the details about Sunday school, youth ministry and St. Martin’s school chapel services.
Seminary of the Southwest
On a personal note, I will complete the certificate program in Christian formation this month at the Seminary of the Southwest. For two years, I have traveled twice a year to participate in an intensive week of worship, formation and fellowship. I have encountered gifted theologians and special people in “my field.” We have really grown as a group and it is bittersweet to be completing this program. I give thanks to St. Martin’s for making this continuing education possible. I am blessed to serve a parish that believes in my ever-evolving ministry. It is a gift to serve the most precious children, youth and school families of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church and School.
Corrie Cabes