Vestry Minutes: June 20, 2021


Present: Bob Bess, Linda Seeber, Jim McManic, Melissa Kurkul, Joe Stark, Keen Haynes, Bob Garrity, DJ Mitchell
Also Present: Fr. Alan Bentrup, Paula Jefferson and Gary Wilkinson

Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Field Episcopal Church was held Sunday, June 20, 2021 virtually via zoom meeting.

The meeting was opened with prayer by the Very Rev. Ron Pogue at 12:33 p.m.

Vestry Minutes from previous months were presented.  2 corrections, June 26 for Diocesan picnic, and Melissa Kurkul was not in attendance.  A motion was to approve the minutes for the May meeting.  Voted to accept.

Treasurer’s Report: DJ Mitchell

  • Expenses YTD through May, 2021 are reflected in the column entitled “May Actual”.
  • Expense categories “Rector Cell phone” and Rector Professional Expenses” have been revised in June to reflect the practice of Fr. Ron and have been revised for the July to December to be consistent with the Letter of Agreement,
  • Rector Stipend/Housing/SECA have been revised in June to reflect the letter of agreement with Fr. Ron and adjusted for Fr. Alan.

Treasurer’s Report Approved:

Finance Committee – DJ Mitchell

  • Audit has been approved by Canon Waggoner and will be conducted on July 31st in the large parish hall.

Rector search committee: Sue Mitchell

  • Transition Team will take over from the Search Committee now that we have the new rector.

Liason Reports

  • Linda Seeber liason to the Stewardship Committee has reported that Jen Duncan and Christine Gehringer have agreed to be on the committee and Becky Snell is in discernment.

Jr. Warden: Bob Bess

  • Proposal for ceiling repair has been approved.
  • Wireless System has been approved with funding from the Memorial funds and Capitol Improvement funds.

Senior Warden:  Keen Haynes

Keen reported the changes to the Letter of Agreement discussed by DJ.  No expenses were affected.

Curate Report: Paula Jefferson

  • Human Flourishing closed out the first year of program and will resume in August with a new program and the possibility of repeating last year’s program.
  • Christian Formation – Harry Potter Christian Formation has been approved by the Vestry for the fall program.

Interim Rector’s Report:

  • In person Vestry Meetings will resume in July with capability for those who wish to resume attending on Zoom. Bring your own lunch!

Closing Prayer Fr. Ron Pogue

Blessing Fr. Alan Bentrup

Meeting adjourned at 1:40