Vestry Minutes July 19, 2020

July 19, 2020
Present:  Bob Bess, Bob Garrity, D.J. Mitchell, Kristy Pemberton, the Very Rev. Ron Pogue (Interim Rector), Linda Seeber, Ben Taylor, Christopher DeClerk, Becky Snell, Julie Sutton
Absent:  Chris Mullaney, Keen Haynes
This special meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Field Episcopal Church was held Sunday, July 19, 2020, virtually via zoom meeting.  The meeting was opened with prayer by the Very Rev. Ron Pogue at 12:30 p.m.
Also Present:  Ayo Omoniyi, Paula Jefferson, Gary Wilkinson and Sue Mitchell.
Consideration of Vestry Minutes from previous meetings:
Minutes from the June 28, 2020 meeting were approved as distributed.
Finance Committee Report and School update:
Gary Wilkinson brought us up to speed on the School closing.
All of the rooms are being cleaned out and Serin is winding down the remaining activities.  After Serin leaves we will plan a deep cleaning and paint rooms in the future and re-purpose them for church use later on.  The fridges have all been cleaned out.
The board is prayerful and wants to remain very sensitive to the staff and leaders especially during the closing, this is a loss for many.
The church audit is scheduled for July 25th (Saturday), this will take place BNSF where the areas are controlled and safe for the tasks.
Gary reported that we are still having issues with breeze and will discuss whether we want to continue with is at the next finance committee meeting.
It has been reported that tithes are being stolen out of the church mailbox, with the absence of church staff members.  Over $1,600.00 and 4-5 family’s donations have been affected.
We all agreed to open up a PO box in Keller and have the parishioners start mailing them to the PO box vs the outside mailbox at the church.  Seeber suggested a secure mailbox with a key instead and several vestry members said if someone wants to break into it bad enough, they will.
The PO box will be opened as soon as possible.
Treasurer’s Report
All were given copies of the budget and treasures report.  The focus was on month expenses and unrestricted funds.  Things are status quo for now, pledges are continuing.
Pemberton asked if the PPE funds were listed as a liability on the financial statements in the event we have to pay the unused portion back, and it is.
Treasurer’s Report Approved
Mitchell moved for the vestry to accept the July treasures report, approved by all as distributed.
Stewardship Report
Members are the Very Rev. Ron Pogue, Becky Snell, Brandy Heckle, Suzanne Loyack and Lesli Pemberton.
It will be the same format as last year with both writers and speakers.
Consecration Sunday is scheduled for October 4th but will be based on how services are being held at that time.  Live streaming with possible guest speakers are a possibility.
Someone suggested a family picnic with appropriate social distancing, we all agreed we just need to see how things are.
Rector Search Committee Report
Sue Mitchell provided the update on the search committee.  They met today, July 19th.
Cathy Tolliver reported 122 survey responses. The profile is in work, Mark Pullium is heading up the profile group.  The profile should be ready for the vestry to view by the end of August for approval.
The committee would like to meet with the vestry to discuss Past, Present and future conversations regarding the life of the church.  Possible dates for this to occur will follow.
The committee will undergo STAR training in September after the conversations are over.
The drone flyover is still in the works, the website updates are still ongoing.
Curate Report
Paula Jefferson is continuing to head up the Pastoral Care team.  Many calls are being made weekly.
The online prayer zoom meetings have been very successful and will continue.  We were all encouraged to attend if possible.
Jefferson is working on full curriculum for the future as well as a book study, one option could be Harry Potter Prayer for seekers.  The kick off on new curriculum will be the Sunday after labor day.
A zoom movie night is being considered for kids age 8-12.
Junior Warden update:
We will bring out an electrician to run power to the security cameras to help with possible break ins.  Sutton suggested we do a better job of hiding the wires, they could be easily cut.
The whole system needs to be desperately upgraded.
Special thanks for Snell for adding the chimes back to the prayer garden.
The roof is still leaking and is slowly becoming a problem.  When the sound team was running wires for the steaming services, they noticed the insulation is wet.
The cleaning crew has improved with the attention to detail.
The question was asked about the raised beds, they have been approved.  As a side note, the holy mowers have been in touch with the scout group and Father Ron to review the needs and to discuss any potential pit falls.
Senior Warden update:
No report.
Interim Rector’s Report
The Very Rev. Pogue provided an update on the August 9th parking lot services.

  • Services will be streamed live.
  • Special attention will be given for parking by making sure there is one spot empty between cars.
  • Eucharist will be blessed and consecrated and brought to the vehicles. All members, and the driver of the vehicles will be required to wear masks in order to receive.  The wafer will be all gluten free.
  • Trash will be taken up by the ushers and parishioners leave the parking lot.
  • There will be no bathrooms available.
  • A sheet will be put under the windshield over every car.

Father Ron assured the vestry that the reentry process is has been submitted to the Bishop and will require his approval.  We need to be patient, the Bishop is working through all the plans for all churches in the diocese.
The vestry is very thankful for all the leadership and the way they have handled this COVID crisis.  The communication is fantastic.   Thank you all!
Adjournment and Closing Prayer:
The Meeting was adjourned with prayer by The Vey Rev. Pogue at 3:00 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted,
Kristy Pemberton