Vestry Minutes – January 22, 2017

January 22, 2017
Present: Jim Bedell, Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey, Gil Kleinwechter, Elizabeth Mason, CourOKtney Mullaney, Ike Ogbue, Linda Snow, Cyndy Sulots, Joel Walker, Nancy Wieden, Kathy Wilkinson; Scot McComas, Rector; Glenda Morehead, Clerk; DJ Mitchell, Treasurer.
Also present: Kristen Kosla.
A special meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, January 22, 2017, in the West Parish Hall. The meeting was called for the purpose of adopting a budget for St. Martin’s for 2017. The meeting opened at 12:15 PM with prayer by the Rector.
Transfer from Garden Guild Fund Approved
Joel Walker moved that $4344.00 be moved from the Garden Guild Fund to the General Fund. Jack Bolerjack seconded the motion, and the motion carried.
2017 Budget Adopted
Joel Walker moved the vestry adopt a budget for St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church for 2017 as it currently stands – showing a $3500.00 deficit. Cyndy Sulots seconded the motion, and the motion carried.
Thank Yous for Service
On behalf of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church the Rector expressed thanks to Gil Kleinwechter for his leadership as Senior Warden, to DJ Mitchell, Sue Mitchell and Kristen Kosla for their financial leadership, to Gary Wilkinson for his leadership of St. Martin’s School Board, and to all Vestry members, outgoing and continuing, for their leadership of the parish.
Donut Delivery Volunteer
The rector announced that in recent years Christi Hardy, the retiring choir director/organist has picked up the donuts for the Hospitality Hour. Cyndy Sulots reiterated her support for all those who come to St. Martin’s by volunteering to pick up the donuts every Sunday.
Upcoming Events / Announcements
Parish Annual Meeting – January 29, 2017 12:15 PM.
Called Vestry Meeting – January 29, 2017 immediately following the Parish Annual Meeting
Next Regular Vestry Meeting – February 19, 2017
Closing Prayer
The meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM with prayer by Glenda Morehead.
Respectfully submitted,
Glenda Morehead