Vestry Minutes – January 15, 2023

Vestry Meeting, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, January 15, 2023

All members were present for the meeting except Rick Schulz.

Opening Prayer – 12:00

  • The December minutes were presented. No changes were made.  DJ Mitchell made a motion to accept the minutes and Bob Bess seconded.  Vestry voted and approved.

Finance Committee Report – Gary Wilkinson

  • See attached report for details
  • Highlights:
    • Ended the year in a positive way financially
    • Expected 2023 budget was proposed. See details in financial report
  • DJ Mitchell made a motion and Keen Haynes seconded that the financial report be accepted and the vestry voted and approved.

Treasurers Report – DJ Mitchell

  • DJ spoke about AC work and securing an architectural firm to walk us through the plan for new AC’s for the building and ensuring that they will work when the new building is built.
  • DJ will solicit bids from firms.
  • DJ’s final budget report is detailed in his report. See report.

Rectors Report:

  • Alan announced the plan to participate in the Diocesan Curate Program which will secure the church a curate for 18-24 months with the funds being in the current 2023 budget.
    • outlined the finances and requirements for securing a curate.
    • mentioned the idea of a chaplain being employed on a part time basis.
    • plans will be finalized as information is brought back to the vestry.
  • Announced the two forums for 9:15 adult class beginning today:
    • Updates on the new building plans
    • Financial Report
  • Presented his Housing Resolution for approval. Bob Bess made a motion and DJ Mitchell seconded for the vestry to accept the resolution.  Vestry voted to accept and be signed by the clerk.

Jr Warden – Alan presented in Rick’s absence.  No major issues at this time.

Senior Warden – Keen Haynes

  • Announced the candidates for vestry and delegates to convention.
  • VPIC assignments

Closing Prayer and adjourned at 1:05

Respectfully submitted – Mary Anderson