Vestry Minutes February 28-29, 2020

February 28-29, 2020
Present Friday Night:  Bob Bess, Keen Haynes, Bob Garrity, D.J. Mitchell, Ben Taylor, Kristy Pemberton, the Very Rev. Ron Pogue (Interim Rector), Linda Seeber, Becky Snell, Chris Mullaney, Julie Sutton
Present Saturday:  All of the above, minus Chris Mullaney.
A copy of our vestry retreat agenda is in the binders provided by the staff.  Our vestry meeting immediately followed the retreat.  Such meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Saturday, February 29, 2020, in the Small Parish Hall at approximately 12:30 p.m.
The treasures report was covered in summary during the retreat and was not part of the official vestry meeting.
The following topics were discussed:
Review schedules for VPIC, Coffee Hour, & Vestry Luncheons

  • All vacant schedules were filled for VPIC assignments and Snell will distribute via email
  • The coffee our was discussed with regards to the schedule being set through June, all slots are presently filled.
  • Vestry Luncheon assignments are as follows
    • March, Pemberton
    • April, Haynes
    • May, Snell
    • June, Sutton
    • July, Pemberton for Garrity
    • August, Bess
    • September, Taylor
    • October, Seeber
    • November, Mitchell
    • December, Mullaney

Update on Endowment.

  • Haynes, Mitchell and Pemberton will be the team that will work on this. Father Ron has given Pemberton materials from the Diocese that will assist us.  Pemberton will pass that email information to Haynes and Mitchell.

Update on Safe Church Training & Background Checks

  • Anyone that still needs to get safe training, must do so immediately, if you are unsure if your previous training has expired needs to see Anika.

Update on Staff

  • Nothing new to report, Haleigh and Anika assisted in making our binders and we thank you!

Update on Safety Plan

  • Pemberton reported that Kelly Lincoln is going to reach out to the Southlake Police department to see about training for Active shooter as well as emergency responses.

Junior Warden Report
New lights have been installed on the signs in front of the church as well as flood lights on the parish hall.  There is still much work to be done including lights in the parking lot that have burned out.  Bess will get someone with a lift to assist in changing those.  Fans in the small perish hall are no longer working.  The all are welcome sign has been moved to the front of the church and visible from Pearson.  Dick Seeber will be provided a church credit card for expenses relating to repairs.
Bess has proposed a new sign as a future improvement for advertising upcoming events.  He also wants to get keys to any vestry member that does not have them.
Senior Warden Report
Mardi Gras had an excellent turn out.  Haynes has requested that when emails go out asking for volunteers or vestry subs that we all reply all so we know who is helping.
Interim Rector’s Report
The Very Rev. Pogue asked for an action to be decided on the Easter Offering, he would like it to go towards the youth.   Bess moved and was seconded by Pemberton.  All approved.
The search committee will be sworn in on March 22nd.  It was suggested that the Vestry reach out to all committee members and their families during the search process, it is very time consuming and taxing on everyone.  We all agreed and suggested meals from time to time.
The website was discussed, it is currently being updated by Anika and Amy and will be updated soon to show a page with the Rector search and updates including the flow charts.  Lesli Schultz is helping with training on web design.
The door next to the entry needs to be updated ASAP.
Adjournment and Closing Prayer:
The Meeting was adjourned with prayer by The Vey Rev. Pogue at 3:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Kristy Pemberton