Vestry Minutes: February 21, 2021


Present: All Present
Absent: None

Also Present: Paula Jefferson, Sue Mitchell and Gary Wilkinson

Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Field Episcopal Church was held Sunday, February 21, 2021 virtually via zoom meeting. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Very Rev. Ron Pogue at 12:30 p.m.

Consideration of Vestry Minutes from previous meetings:

Minutes from the January, 2021 meeting were approved as distributed, no revisions.

Treasurer’s Report: DJ Mitchell

All were sent copies of the drafted 2021 budget and treasures report prior to the meeting.

  • We ended 2020 on a positive note with $45,000 to carry over for 2021.
  • Expenses were low due to the offices closed etc.

Treasurer’s Report Approved:

All approved the reports as presented.

Finance Committee Report: Gary Wilkinson

  • Equipment purchase – laptop for Administrative Assistant.
  • Discussed the idea of an outside audit at some time.
  • Discussion regarding the yearly in house audit and when it will be completed

Financial Report Approved

Rector search committee: Sue Mitchell

  • The profile for a new rector has been released and has been put on the websites
  • 2 applicants so far – Diocese needs to screen them first
  • Discussion regarding interviewing schedule for the vestry
  • Sue reported that the committee feels very positive about the response so far.

Endowment – St Martin’s Cloak – update:

  • Discussed setting up endowment committee and a team to serve as a governing board

Senior Warden:  Keen Haynes

  • Election of new officers at the Deanery meeting

Junior Warden: Bob Bess and Chris Mulaney

  • Reported that he walked through the building checking pipes etc after cold snap. Everything seems to be in good condition.
  • Working with Zander, the custodian, on replacing lighting
  • Replacing exterior doors locks with a keypad to the office and parish hall. Looking at pricing.
  • Parking lot lighting need to be replaced.

Chris Mulaney:

  • reported the need for a Grounds Committee with all the people currently connected to the grounds (Scouts, Labyrinth, Holy Mowers etc)
  • Discussed an outreach in the future to help people during an emergency in the community with and making plans with the current outreach ministry leader. Using our facilities if necessary to house people, etc.
  • Julie Sutton, Chris Mulaney, and Mary Anderson will be on a committee to look at the need in the future.

Father Pogue:

  • Discussed the litigation and Supreme Court ruling
  • A meeting is planned on February 19th regarding the ruling and he will report at the next meeting what was discussed.
  • Announced Kesa Clingman will head the environmental team.
  • Parochial Report was discussed referring specifically to Statement #10 regarding racial injustice and reconciliation and how it would be implemented. He will ask Christian Formation whether we could make it a priority.

Curate’s Report: Paula Jefferson

  • Shared success of Human Flourishing and plans to continue

Adjournment and Closing Prayer at 1:45

The Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Chris Mulaney.