Vestry minutes – February 15, 2015 meeting


February 15, 2015

Present: Gregory Anderson, Bob Bess, Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey, Annette Duff,, Pat Hollifield, Gil Kleinwechter, Elizabeth Mason, DJ Mitchell, Courtney Mullaney, Cyndy Sulots, Jim Wilson; the Rev Scot McComas, Rector; Glenda Morehead, Clerk; Treasurer, Doug Watson.

A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, March 15, 2015, at 12:30 PM in the East Parish Hall. The meeting opened with prayer by the Rector.

Minutes of the December 21, 2014, January 18, 2015, and January 25, 2015, meetings were approved as distributed.

Treasurer’s Report
The Treasurer reviewed the new format for the monthly financial report and made note of the format changes requested by Vestry members. (See attached.) DJ Mitchell moved the treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. The motion was seconded and carried. When concern was expressed that a turn-around in income has not been greater, the Treasurer stated that probably any analysis of trend should wait for more information.

Stewardship Report
At the request of 2014 Stewardship Chair, Aubrey Hardman, Glenda Morehead reported that 110 pledges have been received for 2015 totaling $360,280.00.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School Report
The written report of Karrie Marling, chair of the school board, is attached and made a part of these minutes.

Changes are needed to the school website. The Rector will take care of decision making regarding the website, using the help of the Senior Warden, Annette Duff, Cindy James and Susan Kleinwechter. He plans to meet with them before the next school board meeting.

Christian Education Reports
The written report of Corrie Cabes, Children and Youth Minister/School Chaplain, is attached and made a part of these minutes. More information will be provided on VBS 2015.

Communications Report
Susan Kleinwechter provided an update on progress of changes to the church website. Updated photos and bios are still needed on some Vestry members. The directory of ministries and programs is being updated thanks to Flo Lowrey.

Diocesan Information
Susan Kleinwechter reported that Fort Worth East Deanery will meet February 19 from 7-8 PM at St. Luke’s in the Meadow. Bishop High will be holding a town hall at that meeting, and all are invited. The diocesan Standing Committee is convinced that the election of a bishop is not in the best interests of the diocese at this time, and is looking at other options for the role of Provisional Bishop for the next several years.

Senior Warden’s Report
Communication Card Procedure:
The Senior Warden reviewed the procedure for handling the newcomer cards. (See attached instructions from Flo Lowery.)
Damage to the Fields: Fever United has reported that damage is being done to the fields from vehicles. The Rector, the Senior Warden, the Jr Warden, and Constance Smith, director of Fever United, will form a committee to recommend solutions to the problem.
Exterior Monitoring: The Senior Warden and Jr Warden will begin investigation of the possibility of exterior security lights and monitoring of church property.

Jr Warden’s Report
Jr Warden Charles Busey will be getting Jr Warden information and materials from Joe Panther, his predecessor in office, as soon as the two of them can have a meeting.

Rector’s Report
Attendance at Services:
This weekend, the Rector’s first official weekend with us, attendance at services was as follows: 30 at the 5:30 Saturday service, 23 at 8:30 Sunday and 178 at 10:30.
Transition Committee: He will be meeting with the committee at least once a month starting February 26 at 6:30 PM.
Feedback: He asked that all Vestry members assist him by keeping him posted on what is “being said out there” – good or bad.
Office Hours Planned: Starting March 2 he will have regular office hours, 3:30 – 7:30 PM, on Monday Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, or by appointment to or 704-779-6113.
Small Group Organizations Planned: He has been approached about formation of various additional ministries that provide opportunities for volunteer service, and will be exploring the possibilities. Some of the groups under consideration are Brotherhood of St Andrew, Daughters of the King, Grief Group (for those going through the grief process – either end of life or other).
Labyrinth Discussions: He will be meeting with Ron Hitchcock, chair of the Labyrinth Committee, regarding the idea of an outdoor labyrinth being offered as an Eagle Scout Project possibility.
Event Scheduling: He stated that anyone wanting to schedule special events is to contact Anika Barbarito who will check the calendar for conflicts and distribute the information as needed.

Rector Announces Committees
The Rector announced the following committee chairs have been appointed: Jack Bailey will continue to chair the Finance Committee and Joy Malmgren the Mission and Outreach Committee. He will be announcing other committee chairs and the members of the various committees later. He needs clarification on the difference in focus between Stewardship and the Grow the Church Ministry and will be meeting with Elizabeth Mason, who chaired the Grow the Church Ministry, working with Interim Rector Mike Wallens.

Resolution Adding Treasurer Douglas Watson to Bank Accounts
Courtney Mullaney moved the Vestry adopt the following resolution: Whereas on January 25, 2015, the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, a quorum being present, elected Douglas Watson to serve as treasurer of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church and as such he oversees all financial accounts of St-Martin-in-the-Fields, Be it therefore resolved that all financial institutions in which St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church has accounts are hereby directed to add Douglas Watson as a signer on said accounts.

The account numbers of such accounts are to be listed in the authorization letter written to each institution.

The motion was seconded and the resolution was adopted.

2014 Parochial Report Approved
DJ Mitchell moved the Vestry approve the 2014 Parochial Report for transmittal to the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. (See attached.) The motion was seconded, and the report will be forwarded to the diocese as required by canon.

Playground Policy Adopted
Policy Adopted:
At a previous meeting DJ Mitchell presented a proposed policy for St. Martin’s Playground. Some revisions were made to the proposed policy. Gil Kleinwechter moved the Vestry adopt the Playground Policy as revised. (See attached.) The motion was seconded, and the policy was adopted.
Further explanation: Manufacturer guidelines set weight limitations for use of the new playground equipment. Previous Vestry discussions had involved the difficulty of enforcing weight limitations in the policy. It was decided the policy would state that the current playground is to be used only by children 6 and under, during daylight hours, under parental supervision. The policy will be posted everywhere necessary and all adults of both church and school are expected to help enforce the rules in a loving, caring way.

Vestry Retreat Scheduled
A Vestry retreat for all Vestry members, the Rector, the clerk and the treasurer will take place on April 25, 10 AM – 1:30 PM, in the home of Gil and Susan Kleinwechter.

Upcoming Parish Events
Shrove Tuesday:
The Rector reminded Vestry members that everyone should come to the Pancake Supper on the 17th. Bob Bess, Charles Busey, Gil Kleinwechter, Joe Panther and Joel Walker have volunteered to help with the event.
Lenten Schedule: He went over the schedules for Ash Wednesday and Lenten activities.
Newcomers Dinner: A Newcomers Dinner will be held Saturday, March 21 beginning at 6:15 PM, following the 5 PM service. Flo Lowery will be in charge of the event, and will have assignments for Vestry members. Childcare will be provided.
Cursillo Group: Gregory Anderson reported that members of St. Martin’s who have taken part in Cursillos are meeting Wednesdays at 9:15 AM. There is also interest in an evening gathering.

The meeting adjourned at 3:12 PM with prayer by Pat Hollifield.

Respectfully submitted,

Glenda Morehead




St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal School Board Report to the Vestry

Prepared for: The Vestry of St. Martins in the Fields Church
Prepared by: Karrie Marling, Board Chair

Dear Vestry members,
Thank you for your time and consideration of this Board Report regarding St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal School.

In December of 2014, enrollment stood at 39 students. As of February 12, 2015, we have 42 students enrolled. It is important to note that this number does not include a few students that have attended on a drop- in basis. Cindy James has been encouraging perspective families to leave their children with us for a day, so they may experience what the school has to offer.

Kindergarten Program
Enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year has opened. We are looking to return kindergarten to our program next year. Ms. Nikki Wenham, a long standing teacher at the school, is certified to teach kindergarten. It seems that there are a number of her 4 year old student families seeking a transitional kindergarten class.

February 3rd- Visit from Dr. Cremer and Adam the Alligator
Learn about brushing and dental hygiene.

February 4th- 100th Day of School Celebration
February 13th- Valentine’s Day Party

Up Coming: 
I will continue to look into additional grants that may be available to the school.

Karrie Marling
Board Chair

Children and Youth Minister/School Chaplain Report

February 2015
Service Sundays Stats (Lunches Made /Delivered to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant)
July 2014-84 Sack Lunches
August 2014-91 Sack Lunches
September 2014-100 Sack Lunches
October 2014-100 Sack Lunches
November 2014-102 Sack Lunches
December 2014- 100 Sack Lunches
January 2014- 105 Sack Lunches
February 2015- 106 Sack Lunches

EYC (Episcopal Youth Community)
Wednesday night meetings are going strong. Teens are invited for fun, prayer and fellowship each Wednesday night from 7-8pm in the EYC room. The Renegade Lent series will begin on Wednesday nights from February 25-April 1. This DVD and discussion series aims to debunk false ideas about the person of Jesus. Jesus defied the rulers of the day and established a kingdom on earth. We are asked to join Jesus’ revolution.
EYC will continue to meet on every second Sunday for Service Sunday (sack lunches for UGM). Teens meet on the fourth Sunday for Sunday Funday, a time for fun and fellowship.
City Week Mission Trip: June 8-11 will be an exciting week for the youth of St. Martin’s. Teens will head to Union Gospel Mission each day and learn what it is like to be homeless first hand. They will help prepare and serve food to the homeless at UGM, lead worship services and work on projects created by Lezlee Kinney, volunteer coordinator. Adult sponsors from St. Martin’s are needed to mentor teens throughout this trip. Responsibilities will include transportation, working with teens on projects and praying daily for youth and the homeless.
Lent in a Bag: The EYC have created a way to make each week of Lent meaningful with a simple kit filled with symbols of Lent and devotions. This kit is for adults, teens and children. Grab one in the sanctuary or drive-thru on Ash Wednesday!
Lenten Wilderness Art Display and Project for Children and Youth: This Lent, the children and teens are invited to join Jesus in the wilderness. A new black and white image from 40 Days of Lent, a “Videos for your Soul” offering, will be displayed in the education building. With each day, more of Jesus’ journey of faith will unfold. The season of Lent offers a space for reflection, even for young children. Three leafless trees will flank the wilderness art display. Children and teens will be invited to add “gratitude leaves” to the trees.  The tree will be transformed with color and meaning. Stop by the education building during Lent and see this project unfold.
Good Friday Family Service: Teens are busy working on a worship service for Good Friday that will be meaningful for all ages. Stations with an interactive Lego cross, “salty tears” and an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ life and death will make this an unforgettable service.

Youth Confirmation: A youth confirmation retreat for 6th-12th graders is scheduled for April 17-18 off campus. This retreat is an intensive spiritual experience, seeking to prepare youth for the next step in their journey of faith. Bishop High will visit on April 26 at the 10:30am service and confirm youth ready to take responsibility for their faith, with God’s help.

Sunday School
Nursery, children and teens are trekking through the New Testament this winter/spring at St. Martin’s. Children will learn about Jesus’ life and ministry with this exciting, hands-on curriculum.

St. Martin’s Episcopal School Chaplain Minute
The students at St. Martin’s are learning short prayers and a children’s creed in chapel. “Jesus” will make a special visit to chapel this semester! Students learn about the seasons of the church year, saints of the church and how they can walk with Jesus through interactive stories and Godly Play.

Corrie Cabes

Instructions for Handling Communication Cards

Thank you all for the work that you do in handling the money from the collection plates.  I know that for some of you, that isn’t very often and for some it is a regular ministry.  Just in case you do handle the money from the collection plates, we are asking that you also handle the Communication Cards.

It is very important that these Cards be handled expeditiously and correctly so that we don’t miss ministering to new people or changing information as may be the case.

Please make three (3) copies of the Cards.

One copy goes in the Radical Hospitality Mail Box

One copy goes in Fr. Scot’s Rector Mail Box

One copy goes on the table in the back of the Nave (against the wall on the south side) where the Elements are placed before they are consecrated. (see picture)

The original Communication Card goes in the plastic holder to the right of the door to Corrie’s office.  (see picture)
The original of the card is NEVER to leave the building. A copy of the instructions is kept below the plastic holder.

Thanks so much for your help in this.

Flo Lowrey,
Facilitator, Radical Hospitality

Plastic container in office for blue Communication Card.
Door leads to Corrie’s office.
Copy of instructions kept below container.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School Playground Policy

The fenced playground and its equipment (subsequently referred to as the “Playground”) adjacent to the West Parish Hall is for the benefit and enjoyment of the children attending St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School (subsequently referred to as the “School”).  Children of the parish at or below the age of six years old who are attending approved church, School or School functions or who are attending Saturday or Sunday church services may use the Playground so long as access is provided through the action of a responsible adult (i.e., a parent, a member of the School staff, a member of the Vestry, or the Rector and his staff).

Access Limitations:
Children and others may access the Playground only while one or more responsible adults are present within the Playground’s confines or are standing at a location which provides a clear, uninterrupted line of sight to and across the entire Playground.

The Playground will be closed after dusk and before dawn and at any time that its grounds are wet from rain or coated with snow or ice.

Children whose ages exceed the design specifications of any individual piece of equipment on the Playground will not be allowed to play on such equipment.  As soon as practical or whenever equipment is replaced or modernized, design limits for each piece of Playground equipment will be summarized and posted by the School Director.

Playground Maintenance Objective:
It is the policy of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Field (subsequently referred to as the “Vestry”) to keep the Playground, its equipment and related improvements in a good state of repair, as specified by the manufacturer or under applicable State and local regulations , statutes, and permits.

Maintenance Responsibilities:
When in School use, School staff will be responsible for the policing, care, and clean-up of the Playground and the improvements found therein.

Adults supervising Playground activities during approved church or School functions or on Saturday or Sunday will be responsible for policing, care, and clean-up of the Playground and the improvements found therein.  As one of his or her duties, the Vestry Person-in-Charge will ensure that Playground gates are closed and secured prior to his or her departure.

Necessary repairs to all Playground equipment and improvements must be reported as quickly as possible to the Vestry’s Junior Warden and to the School Director.  It will be their joint responsibility to determine how best to undertake and complete repairs.  Furthermore, it will be the responsibility of the Junior Warden to review and approve for payment all costs related to repairs undertaken to the Playground.  Such costs will be budgeted for by the Vestry and will be paid as an operating expense of the Parish.

Replacement of Playground Equipment, Grounds and Fences or Purchase and Installation of Any New Playground Equipment:
It will be the responsibility of the School Director to inform the Vestry through its Junior Warden whenever any Playground equipment has reached the end of its useful life, is in need of repair, or must be improved to meet any then current State or local regulations or statutes.  It will be the responsibility of the Vestry to consider and, if the need to act is found to be justified, fund any improvements to the Playground.  This same process will be followed whenever a new piece of Playground equipment is to be purchased and installed.

Whether Parish capital or operating funds will be used in the replacement or repair of Playground equipment and grounds or in the purchase of new equipment will be made at the time a decision is being made to purchase or repair Playground equipment or improvements, based on the particulars of each individual request for funding.

February 15, 2015


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