Vestry Minutes: December 19, 2021

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Minutes December 19, 2021

Present:  Chris Mullaney, Bob Bess, Linda Seeber, Joe Stark, Keen Haynes, Melissa Kurkul, Amanda Alvarez, Bob Garrity, Jim McManic, Rev. Alan Bentrup, Rev. Paula Jefferson and Mary Anderson

Absent:  DJ Mitchell, Julie Sutton

12:30 – Opening Prayer – Joe Stark

Minutes from November meeting were approved as read

Treasurer’s Report – Gary Wilkerson

  • Gary presented the monthly budget/spending report for DJ Mitchell. A copy of the report is attached.
  • Outlined the financial plan to finish 2021.
  • Chris Mullaney made a motion and Linda Seeber seconded and the vestry voted to accept the budget

Financial Committee Report – Gary Wilkinson

  • Stewardship has increased to 87 pledges and $349,000 in pledges
  • Discussed some ideas for creating the budget for 2022.
  • January 8th will be the first meeting to begin work on the budget for next year
  • Chris Mullaney made a motion and Keen Haynes seconded it and vestry approved the financial committee report.

Senior Warden – Keen Haynes

  • In need of more delegates nominated for convention
  • Annual Meeting is 1-30-2022
  • Added vestry members to VPIC duty for January

Junior Warden – Bob Bess and Chris Mullaney

  • Chris announced he will begin recruiting for Holy Mowers
  • Bob reported that they are continuing work on tile to finish in the Sunday School buding.

Curate Report – Rev.Paula Jefferson

  • Reported about pastoral care
  • Announced the return of Stephen Ministry
  • Update about Hillsboro and their ministries
  • Human Flourishing returns the week of 1-9 after a short hiatus
  • Discussed a possibility of a Lenten Series.

Rector’s Report – Rev. Alan Bentrup

  • Presented Housing Resolutions for both rectors. Vestry voted and approved.
  • Asked to begin meetings going forward at 12:15.

Closing Prayer – Joe Stark

Mary Anderson – Vestry Clerk