Vestry Minutes August 16, 2020

August 16, 2020
Present:  Bob Bess, Bob Garrity, D.J. Mitchell, Kristy Pemberton, the Very Rev. Ron Pogue (Interim Rector), Linda Seeber, Ben Taylor, Christopher DeClerk, Becky Snell, Julie Sutton
This meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, August 16, 2020, virtually via zoom meeting. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Very Rev. Ron Pogue at 12:30 p.m.
Also Present:  Ayo Omoniyi, Paula Jefferson, and Gary Wilkinson
Consideration of Vestry Minutes from previous meetings:
Minutes from the July 19, 2020 meeting were approved as distributed.
School Update:
The only item to report was that we will have boxes of files that will need to be shredded. It was suggested we have a church-wide shred to quantify the cost of the truck coming out. It will be decided at a later date.
Finance Committee Report:
The committee met on August 15, 2020

  • Audit Review:

The audit occurred in the Parish Hall at SMIF. There are two recommendations:

  • Bank recs – the months reviewed were October and December. The general fund did not match and it was discovered that a voided check was missing. Sue Mitchell did a manual entry and corrected the error. There was also a missing donation and it was a timing difference in the ledger.
  • Annual Meeting – The combined statement of revenue should be comprehensive.

The audit has been forwarded to the Diocese for filing.
The draft for the finance committee charter has been completed and sent to the Interim Rector.

  • Endowment fund update:

The committee had been formed but due to COVID has caused this to be on hold. It was decided that we would wait until after consecration Sunday to reconvene on this. It was brought to our attention that at least one member of the finance committee must be on the team.

  • Phone lines:

The church currently has 3 phone lines, one of which is used for the school. When the budget is prepared for 2021 this will be looked at to see if money can be saved.

  • PO Box update:

It is up and running now. It was suggested that we post this info in several places as well as an email blast letting the congregation know of the change as well as update the website with this info.
Treasurer’s Report
All were given copies of the budget and treasurer’s report. The focus was on month expenses and unrestricted funds. Things are status quo for now, pledges are continuing to come in on or above plan.

  • Cleaning expenses increased slightly. The cleaning contract is currently under review to see if we need to continue.
  • Utilities are up 300.00 but should be going back down since the school has closed.
  • Bob Bess will be replacing some thermostats; they are causing the air to run longer than programmed.
  • The government loan forgiveness expires in September and we are budgeting according to the plan.
  • As a reminder, the church will now take 100% of the costs now that the school is closed, we used to share them.
  • Julie Sutton asked if we would be cancelling the cleaning and have the church congregation start a rotation schedule. DJ Mitchell advised that we are budgeted to continue through the 2020 fiscal year. With COVID currently restricting gatherings, it’s best it is kept this way.
  • Financial and Treasurer’s Report Approved:
    • Becky Snell moved to approve the financial report and treasures report as presented, Linda Seeber seconded. All approved the report as distributed.

Stewardship Report

  • Consecration Sunday is scheduled for October 4th the committee will ask members of the Vestry to do handwritten thank you notes again this year.
  • August 23rd – Starting the live videos and speakers. This will continue every Sunday until September 27th when DJ Mitchell will give the 1 step presentation.
  • Lunch will be provided by Jason’s Deli and will include, a turkey, ham, veggie and gluten free options. It was suggested by Christopher DeClerk that an option to pass on food be given. Not everyone will be able to partake due to dietary concerns.
  • The service will be streamed live for those that are not comfortable attending in person.
  • The save the date will be mentioned in the next email blast.
  • Mullaney suggested we run the gathering by the re-entry committee to make sure safety protocols are being met.
  • Becky Snell also brought up that she will be updating the VPIC assignments since we are now doing parking lot services. So far the schedule is covered through September. This will be re-visited during the October meeting for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

Senior Warden update:
Keen Haynes attended the Horizon Stewardship zoom conference and more will be coming later from his meeting.
Junior Warden update:

  • The new A/C thermostats were mentioned in above under Financial committee report.
  • Plugs have been installed for the security system, all that needs to be done now is to fire up the system and see what is working.
  • Bess will investigate a new system that can be controlled and monitored online or on an app.
  • Father Ron will have a separate meeting with the Junior wardens to discuss the structural soundness of our facility.

Curate Report

  • Paula Jefferson is continuing to work with the Pastoral Care team with Becky Snell as Convenor. Many calls are being made weekly including hospice calls via facetime or zoom meetings.
  • She attended the Beloved Community Conference regarding racism and the church as a whole and it was very enlightening.
  • A zoom movie night is still in the works for kids age 8-12. The Vestry feels this is so important with school activities and quarantine continuing.
  • She attended the same stewardship meeting as Keen Haynes and Fr. Pogue and said some ideas are coming forward for narratives so the congregation can understand the annual meetings better.

Interim Rector’s Report

  • Holy conversations are beginning, the Search Committee is attending and the Vestry is encouraged to attend as well.
  • Becky Snell suggested that In the past members of the congregation have been invited to attend Vestry meetings but that that stopped. She wanted to know if that was still an option for folks. They are and an email blast will go out soon reminding people they may attend.
  • Becky Snell also asked why Vestry minutes were no longer posted on the website. Mary Beth Butler will work with Anika to get them up to date.
  • Father Ron mentioned the two new raised beds on the north side are ready for planting and reminded us that a special link will be sent out so Vestry and Rector Search Committee can watch the Zoom briefing with the Holy Cow representative.

Adjournment and Closing Prayer:
The Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Bob Bess. Special prayer was offered for all school teachers and students as face-to-face classes will begin soon.
Respectfully submitted,
Kristy Pemberton