Vestry Minutes: Annual Meeting, January 31, 2021


January 31, 2021

The Annual Meeting of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held on January 31, 2021 virtually via Zoom meeting.

Call to Order

The Very Rev. Ron Pogue, Interim Rector, called the meeting to order and prayer by Deacon Ayo Omoniyi.

The Diocesan canon requires a quorum of at least 10% attendance by all confirmed communicants of good standing, we have a quorum.

Meeting Secretary/Clerk

Per Article 6.4 of the Bylaws of the St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Kristy Pemberton, the current Vestry Clerk, will record today’s meeting.

Identification of Present Vestry Members

The Interim Rector introduced the current Vestry members. Those whose terms end in 2022 are Bob Bess, DJ Mitchell, Chris Mullaney, and Julie Sutton. Those whose terms end today are Christopher De Clerk, Kristy Pemberton, Ben Taylor, and Becky Snell. These members were recognized and encouraged to wave on the Zoom call. Father Ron thanked the vestry for the hard work during the 2020 calendar year.

Introduction of Nominees for Vestry

Those nominated for the 2023-2024 Vestry were Amanda Alvarez, Mary Anderson, Melissa Kurkul, Jim McManic, Joe Stark, and Elke Tessnow.

Introduction of Nominees for 2020 Diocesan Convention

Those nominated as Delegates to the 2021 Convention were Mary Beth Butler, Christopher De Clerk, Bob Garrity, Keen Haynes, Ed McGlaston, Mark Pulliam, and Dan Wagner.

A few notes and instructions for voting for the vestry and the delegates are:

For the Vestry:

We need one person to fill vacancy for the class of 2023, this person is eligible for a full three-year term after serving the remainder of the year of the vacancy.

We need to elect four people for the 2024 term, which will be a full three-year term.

There are 6 nominees, the four with the highest votes will serve for the class of 2024 and the person with the next highest vote will serve for the 2023 term.

When casting votes, five must be voted for.

For the Diocesan Convention:

St. Martins is entitled by Diocesan cannon to have five lay delegates for the Diocesan Convention.  We have seven nominees, so there for five must be voted for.

Preparations for Balloting

The votes were done electronically via Election Runner. The ballot counters were Becky Snell, Christopher De Clerk, and Kristy Pemberton. They worked with Anika Rinker, Parish Administrator, to ensure that all ballots are correctly counted and the results would be reported directly to The Very Rev. Ron Pogue.

Vestry Election

Members were instructed to begin voting online.

Report on the Rector Search

Sue Mitchell and Rex Angel reported on the rector search committee. Page 12 of the annual report lays out the extensive report on all the steps taken to accomplish the goal of calling a new Rector for St. Martins.  Initial meetings with Bishop Scott and Canon Waggoner, they told us it would take 12-18 months for this process to complete this process, and it has taken 12 months indeed.

The Profile has been approved by the Bishop and will be posted to the church and OTM websites soon. After it is posted the committee will have the ability to view possible Rectors that are looking for a new church as well.

It will be the end of March before we are able to accumulate all of the applicants. While we wait for that the applicants to respond the committee will begin setting up the interview processes. The interviews will be held via Zoom due to the pandemic.

Sue would like to thank the committee for all of their hard work and dedication to this process. Sue also mentioned that as soon as details are allowed to be communicated on the search, they will be announced, until then please keep the committee in prayer.

Father Ron instructed all to visit the St. Martins website and click on Rector Search and it will take them to the website showing the parish profile and updates as they are available. It can be downloaded as a PDF or read it like a book on the website. Father Ron also thanked the committee and their families for the level of commitment it has taken.

Other Reports

The Rector commended to the Parish the printed 2020 Annual Parish Report, a copy of which is attached to and made a part of these minutes. Reports from ministries are found within the report.

Junior Wardens’ Report

Chris Mullaney and Bob Bess, co-Junior Wardens. Bob Bess thanked everyone in the Parish and Chris Mullaney for all the hard work that happened in 2020. Due to the pandemic several projects were able to be taken care of due to the simple fact that we had an empty building.

The biggest project was a new roof, we are thankful for that repair. Xander, who serves the church in a cleaning capacity has really stepped in to help with the repairs. With Xander’s help, new lights, ceiling tiles and new wiring have been installed. Chris Mullaney thanked Dick and Linda Seeber for all the hard work helping us keep the building going during the Pandemic. Chris would also thanked the Holy Mowers for helping keep the grounds green and clean. New sprinklers have been installed so this will give us a good start for the spring.

Senior Warden’s Report

Keen Haynes started by thanking everyone for the continued prayers for his family. Keen read from his report that is attached to the minutes.

Click HERE for the Annual Report

Interim Rector’s Report

The Very Rev. Ron Pogue shared his written report. Father Ron recapped the last 17 months of his service, encouraging us in our future and reminding us to continue to run the race with peace and patience.

A special thanks was given to Chuck Ambrose for all of the hard for and commitment in helping with the live streaming services, the new wiring that was necessary for us to continue during the pandemic.

Father Ron believes we will have our new Rector sometime this summer and that he and Gay will be with us until then.

Click HERE for the Annual Report

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer DJ Mitchell gave a report, with printed materials included in the Parish Report. The report contained a narrative of the state of the finances from the Finance Committee, a 2020 Income and Expense Graphic Statement, and a 2020 Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Fund Balances.

The 2021 budget was included in the report.

DJ commended the church on the faithfulness to every member, considering we did not meet face to face for most of the 2020 calendar year. DJ also thanks the vestry for watching every penny for the church.

The budget looks good for the 2021 fiscal year, which includes a salary for the new Rector and a full time Curate.

The zoom meeting was unmuted for questions.

Endowment Report

DJ Mitchell, Jen Duncan and Kristy Pemberton reporting. The Charter for our Legacy Society, St. Martins Cloak, was unanimously adopted. The Charter is included in the annual report.

The Zoom meeting was unmuted for questions.

Mary Beth Butler asked the best way to give to the endowment fund. Father Ron and Jen Duncan said they are typically given in a will and directed to the church, the wishes of the giver. An accountant and a lawyer can assist you in this.

A committee will need to be established in the future to manage this fund in conjunction with the outside financial management team.

Father Ron asked that members vote online to approve this charter. It was approved.

Final thoughts by Father Ron

Father Ron encouraged all members to read and reflect on page 31 of the annual report to see what is happening in the church.  It is alive and well even with the doors closed.

COVID is no match for SMITF!

Results of the Vestry and Diocesan elections


Amanda Alvarez, Mary Anderson, Melissa Kurkul, Jim McManic, and Joe Stark.


Mary Beth Butler, Christopher De Clerk, Keen Haynes, Ed McGlaston, Mark Pulliam. Dan Wagner and Bob Garrity will be alternates.

The Vestry and Delegates were commissioned by our curate Paula Jefferson.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristy Pemberton Clerk/Secretary of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church