Vestry Minutes – 4/21/2024

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Vestry Meeting April 21, 2024

    Present: Alan Bentrup – Rector, Mary Beth Butler – Senior Warden, Rick Schutz – Jr. Warden, DJ Mitchell – Treasurer, Bob Bess, Carlie Briggs, Shawn Casey, Eloise Frye, Bob Garrity, Rebecca Haynes, Bryan Hedrick, Glenda Morehead – Clerk, Gary Wilkinson – Finance Committee Chair.

    Also Present: Tony Kroll, Lynn O’Neill, Liza Goodner, Leigh Ann Johnson.

    Not Present: Elizabeth Jordan, Dick Seeber.

    A meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, April 21, 2024, in the West Parish Hall.

    By general consent the meeting opened with prayer at 11:57 AM by the Rector who chaired the meeting.

    Consideration of the Minutes

    DJ Mitchell moved the minutes of the March 17, 2024, vestry meeting be approved as distributed. Bob Bess seconded the motion and the motion carried.

    Finance Committee Report and Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report

    Prayer Shawl Restricted Fund Usage Approved: The Prayer Shawl Ministry asked for approval of using part of their Temporarily Restricted Fund for cards, postage, flowers and other items for pastoral care of members. The Finance Committee approved the request.

    Update on the Annual Financial Review: Wilkinson reported that he has completed the “Audit Program”. The review committee includes the following members who have served in the past: Jack Bailey, Jan Rees, Phyllis Bess and Diana Panther. He hopes to find one more individual to serve. The committee must complete its financial review of 2023 in time for acceptance by the vestry at its August meeting. The report must be forwarded to EDOT by September 1.

    Treasurer’s Report Accepted: Bob Bess moved the Treasurer’s report be accepted as presented. Rick Schutz seconded the motion and the report was accepted.

    Junior Wardens’ Reports

    Building Leaks and Rodent Infestation: Rick Schutz reported that there are several locations of leaks in the Parish Hall due to the recent rains. Portions of the ceiling in the library have come down and there is evidence of rats throughout the building. He plans to have Lon Smith Roofers check out the parish hall roof. The insurance deductible is so high any repairs will be at St. Martin’s expense. He will also arrange for critter removal. Those bringing or serving food in the building must “police” the area before leaving and make sure trash and garbage are removed.

    New Curtain for Restroom: Schutz stated that the curtain in the restroom across the hall from the curate’s office is shabby and must be replaced. No estimate at this time as to the cost.

    Tree Removal and Trimming: Bob Bess introduced Lynn Neill a parishioner who frequently works in the Memorial Garden. Neill has observed that the Bradford Pear at the entrance of the church building and some oak trees in the Memorial Garden are dead or dying and should be removed before they cause damage. Other trees and shrubs on the property are in need of trimming also. Neill has volunteered to seek bids and oversee the necessary work. Funding for the removal of the trees will come from the restricted Building Fund, trimming of trees and shrubs will come from the buildings and grounds budget line. The vestry endorsed the plans and thanked Neill for his assistance.

    Senior Warden’s Report

    The written report of Senior Warden Mary Beth Butler is attached to and made a part of these minutes. She will be signing the contract for renovation of the Parish Hall and one for the lease on a new photocopier replacing the previous machine. She distributed the VPiC sign-up sheet so vestry members could sign for additional services.

    Curate’s Report

    Diocesan Duty: The Rev. Gavin Tomlin is a member of the diocesan liturgical committee on ordinations and is working on the ordinations to be held on June 15.

    St. Martin’s Duties: His activities at St. Martin’s are for the most part covered in the Rector’s Report.

    Tony Kroll Ordination Update and Last Day

    Ordination: The Rector announced that only clergy and family of those being ordained are permitted to attend the service in person when Tony Kroll is ordained to the diaconate June 15. He believes the service will be live streamed or recorded.

    Last Day at St. Martin’s: Kroll’s last day at St. Martin’s will be May 12. He will be honored with a goodbye party following the 10:30 service.

    Rector’s Report

    The Rector’s written report is attached to and made a part of these minutes.

    Youth Group Meetings Expanding: At their request the Youth Group is now meeting twice monthly – the first and third Sundays.

    Summer Formation Plans: During the summer all members will be encouraged to read “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

    VBS Moves to Evenings: VBS will be held the evenings of June 10 – 13 with VBS Sunday June 16.

    Parish Vision Weekend: Tentative plans are for the blessing of the renovated building to take place the weekend of September 7 – 8 in concert with the launching of the new mission/vision/values brand identity. 

    National Wildlife Refuge Proposal

    Leigh Ann Johnson has prepared a proposal that St. Martin’s seek designation from the National Wildlife Federation as a recognized wildlife refuge – with St. Martin’s providing the funding and work for the various trees and plants, feeding stations, shelters, water rerouting and permits necessary. She was advised such a proposal must first be approved by the Jr. Wardens before being brought to the vestry.. 

    DJ Mitchell moved the meeting be adjourned, Rick Schutz seconded the motion and the motion carried. The meeting closed with prayer by the Rev. Gavin Tomlin at 1:02 PM

    Respectfully submitted,
    Glenda Morehead