Vestry meetings – a spectator sport

My favorite spectator sport is Vestry watching.  Even if I weren’t clerk of the Vestry, I would still want to come to the monthly meetings.  Do you know that Vestry meetings are open meetings?  All members of the parish are welcome to attend meetings as observers.  While observers can have no say in what goes on during the meeting, they can come and see.  It’s the best way to find out just what’s going on.  Church rumors can be fun, but seeing for yourself is better.  What will you see if you come?  You will see a group of people of varying backgrounds and approaches to life, of different ages and professions.  The meetings open and close with prayer.  Sometimes decisions are reached quickly, sometimes the discussions take longer.  They listen carefully to each other; they respect each other, they enjoy working together.  They are very aware of the important decisions they must make in these changing days.  They all care greatly about St-Martin-in-the-Fields and her future.  Tell Vestry members any concerns you may have – they do listen.  Be sure you also thank them for taking on what must sometimes feel like a heavy load – a part in the governing of our parish.  Most of all pray that God will watch over and guide them.