Vestry Meeting Minutes September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019
Present:  Bob Bess, Mary Beth Butler, Sharon Dudek, D.J. Mitchell, Christopher Mullaney, the Very Rev. Ron Pogue (Interim Rector), Linda Seeber, Becky Snell, Julie Sutton, Ben Taylor.
Absent: Christopher DeClerk, Keen Haynes, Brandy Heckel.
Also Present: Linda Snow, Historian, Liza Goodner, Children’s Minister, DeShay Jackson, Music Minister.
A regular meeting of the Vestry of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church was held Sunday, September 15, 2019, in the East Parish Hall. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Very Rev. Ron Pogue at 12:19 pm.
Consideration of Vestry Minutes from August 18, 2019
Minutes from the August 18 meeting were approved as distributed.
Treasurer’s Report
Mitchell presented the Treasurer’s report. Bess moved the report be accepted, Snell seconded and the motion carried.
Scrip Program: Mitchell noted that the scrip program has ended.
Giving Statement Changes: Giving statements will be sent to pledgers in arrears at the end of November and end of the calendar year. From January 2020 on, all statements will be sent electronically via Breeze.
Projected Budget Shortfall: Mitchell reported that, as expected, budget shortfall will be approximately $15,000. This amount will need to be raised before the end of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas special offerings will be directed toward this need.
Endowment Plans: The Finance Committee will bring a plan to the Vestry for setting up an endowment. Pogue suggested The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) be contacted for assistance in this area.
Gay Pride Parade Update
Butler announced that a group is forming to drive from the church and can also meet at the location of the Tarrant County Parade. Sutton suggested a sign-making party in advance of the event.
Christopher DeClerk Vestry Replacement Elected
Christopher DeClerk has resigned from the Vestry due to a move, so nominations to fill his term (ending in 2021) were opened. Sutton nominated Kristy Pemberton, who has indicated her willingness to serve. Bess seconded, and the motion carried.
Stewardship Pledge Campaign
The Interim Rector announced that the campaign will include 4 speakers at services, as well as personal essays from other members, to be sent out by email.
Consecration Sunday, October 20, will be the culminating event of the campaign, with pledges due at that time and a complimentary luncheon to be served. Based on research by Heckel and Snell, Sutton moved that Spring Creek Barbeque be engaged to cater the meal. Mitchell seconded, and the motion carried. Sutton will provide a large salad.
Bess moved that a temporarily restricted fund will be established to accept donations toward Consecration Sunday. Mullaney seconded, and the motion carried.
Plan for Haynes to Continue as Senior Warden
Four Vestry members’ terms end in 2020: Butler, Haynes, Heckel, and Seeber. The Vestry agrees to encourage voters to reelect Keen Haynes to the Vestry at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Immediately upon his reelection, the Interim Rector will appoint him to continue as Senior Warden to serve through the selection of the new Rector.
Candidate Qualification Review Committee Appointed
The Interim Rector requested three vestry volunteers to serve on the committee to solicit nominees for three Vestry positions as well as Diocesan Convention representatives. The committee will review their qualifications in advance. He appointed the following to serve on the Candidate Qualification Review Committee: the two Co-Junior Wardens (Bess, Mullaney) and three members not standing for election in 2020 – Butler, Sutton, and Dudek.
Fundraiser Updates
Bingo Cancelled: A Bingo Fundraiser was planned for September 28. A temporary gaming license from the Texas Lottery Commission was legally required for such an event. Due to misinformation provided by TLC, the license could not be obtained in the time available, so the event has been cancelled. Seeber agreed to ensure that any door prizes donated be held in the safe for a future event.
Murder Mystery Dinner Reaffirmed: Taylor reminded the group that he and his daughter are interested in running a Murder Mystery Dinner fundraiser. The date previously discussed for this was February 15, 2020. The Vestry reaffirmed its previous approval for Taylor to continue working on this.
Junior Warden Report
Mullaney and Bess reported that air conditioner issues persist, and a service person should be called to diagnose the problem. The Grubby Sunday on August 25 was successful. Many light bulbs were replaced. Bess noted that several of the ballasts need to be replaced. Pogue suggested that the Junior Wardens research grants to assist with changing the current lights to LEDs.
Announcements and Upcoming Events
October 5        Blessing of Animals
October 13      Leaders Social
October 14      Columbus Day (office closed)
October 20      One Worship Service, 10:30 only
Consecration Sunday Lunch, Noon
Vestry Meeting, 2 pm
October 27      Trunk or Treat
November 3    All Saints Sunday
Interim Rector’s Report
Clergy Day Information: Interim Rector Pogue reported on the Diocesan Clergy Day (Sept. 12). It is expected that the lawsuit between the breakaway group and the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth will be resolved by June 5, 2020. Because of this, all parishes have been asked to consider two questions:
Whom is God calling us to be?
What is God calling us to do?
The entire Diocese will also be engaging them.
Furniture Needed: Pogue will be shopping at used furniture stores for appropriate items for the Rector’s office, an expenditure previously approved by the Vestry. He noted that the doormats at main entrances are in poor condition and should be replaced.
Service Changes Proposed: The Interim Rector wants to include children in more of the 10:30 worship service. Also, there is a need for an adult formation time. He suggested moving Sunday School to a time between the services. Bess warned of the strong resistance to this during the tenure of the previous interim rector.
Search Committee Information: Pogue reported that the Search Committee will ideally be formed and divided into three groups: one to complete the Parish Profile (~6 members); one to review applications, interview, and visit candidates (10-12 members); and one to serve as transition committee for the new rector and her or his family (8-10 members). In the past, these have been three separate groups. He suggested that the first two groups initially work together, and once a rector is selected, handoff to the third.
Interim Activities and Plans: The Interim Rector also requested Vestry members’ assistance in encouraging anyone who is angry, hurt or resentful in this transition time to talk with him or Rev. Christopher Thomas. If needed, private counselors may also be engaged. In a transition, it is crucial to address and handle such issues to proceed healthfully.
Pogue will be inventorying the groups and ministries of St. Martin-in-the-Fields and making recommendations about those that need to be ended or revitalized. His goal is to create a charter for each group, an organizational chart for all, and a communication network between them. Included in each group’s charter will be a plan for rotation of leadership and short-term tasks. The Vestry endorsed his plans.
Ground Rules Provided: Pogue supplied two documents: “Ground Rules for Church Meetings” and “Guidelines for Dealing with Criticism.” These are attached to and made a part of these minutes.
Next Meeting Date
The next vestry meeting will be held October 20, following the Consecration Sunday meal, at approximately 2 pm.
The Vestry entered Executive Session at 2:32 pm.
Plans for Extending Curacy for Thomas
Mullaney moved the parish work to find funds to extend the employment of the Rev. Christopher Thomas at St. Martin’s during his job search. His curacy at St. Elizabeth/Christ the King ends in December 2019 and his St. Martin’s curacy ends in July 2020. Mitchell seconded the motion, and the motion carried. Mitchell will see if funds can be available so that Thomas would be a full-time curate at St. Martin’s in 2020.
Transportation Allowance for Music Director
Bess moved that up to $100 per month be afforded to Music Minister DeShay Jackson to be used for his work-related transportation costs. Jackson will submit his receipts for reimbursement. Sutton seconded the motion, and the motion carried.
Executive Session ended at 3:09 pm.
The Meeting ended at 3:10 with prayer by Sharon Dudek.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Butler, Clerk