Vestry highlights – March 16, 2014 meeting

What follows is approved by the senior warden and interim rector, but is strictly unofficial, meaning it is not a substitute for meeting minutes. Contact any member of the Vestry with your questions or comments.
Karrie Marling, chair of the School Board of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Preschool and Academy, told of plans to improve the school today and in the future. Committees are being formed to work on improving the playground, technology in the classroom and education of students. Parishioners as well as parents will be asked to help in all areas.
The Vestry elected the following persons to serve as the Search Committee for St-Martin-in-the-Fields: Ashley Hardman, Brian Long, Chris Mullaney, Eloise Frye, Flo Lowrey, Francine deLongchamp, Gil Kleinwechter, Marty Hitchcock, Tayo Omoniyi. A concerted effort was made to ensure all areas of the parish and all age groups were represented. Richard Cabes will chair the committee; Senior Warden Bob Bess will attend meetings, but will have no vote.
Jim Wilson, chair of the Profile Committee, announced the current members of the committee: Bob Bess, Ron Hitchcock, Susan Kleinwechter, Courtney Mullaney and Interim Rector Mike Wallens. This committee is charged with creating a parish-wide survey and the resulting profile that will be used by the Search Committee in its work. Wilson plans that the work of the committee will be completed by the end of April.
The membership of the Stewardship Committee was announced: Aubrey Hardman, chair, Bob Bess, Eloise Frye, DJ Mitchell, Courtney Mullaney, Ibun Omoniyi, Ife Omoniyi, Tayo Omoniyi and Interim Rector Mike Wallens. The Stewardship Committee will function year-round, rather than just during “pledge season.”
The membership of the Finance Committee was announced: Jack Bailey, chair, Bob Bess, Aubrey Hardman, Paula Jefferson and Treasurer Diana Panther.
Pledge income continues to be much lower than budgeted. Announcements, notices and first quarter contribution statements will encourage parishioners to remember their financial commitments to St-Martin-in-the-Fields.
Three candidates have been interviewed for the position of administrative assistant for St-Martin-in-the-Fields. The interview committee hopes to make a decision by next Sunday.
The job description and title of Corrie Cabes has changed. Rather than serving as Christian Education Director she is now the Children and Youth Minister, serving children 4 years through 12th grade. Christian Education for adults and older youth will be the responsibility of the clergy.
The refrigerator in the office kitchen cannot be repaired. A solicitation will be sent out to members of the parish requesting donation of a refrigerator (with icemaker) under 10 years old. Anyone wishing to donate such a refrigerator is asked to contact junior warden Joe Panther or the church office.
St-Martin-in-the-Fields’ newsletter is returning. It will be sent out electronically and hard copies will be made available for newcomers and members preferring them.
“We’re good once they get here, but how do we do at getting them in the door?” A committee on church growth is in the planning stages. Elizabeth Mason will work with the interim rector on the committee’s development and activities.