Vestry highlights for April 2015

As clerk of the vestry I have been authorized by the rector and the senior warden to provide the following report of the April gatherings. Full minutes of the official vestry meetings will be posted after their approval at the next regular vestry meeting. In the meantime if you have questions or want more information, contact any vestry member.
The month of April was a very active one for Vestry members. The Vestry gathered as a group 3 times.
Notes from the April 19 regular vestry meeting:
The Newcomers Party on March 21 was a rousing success. The evening was shared by 19 new families and 47 people working to make the newcomers feel welcome – over 90 people in all. Representatives of the Daughters of the King, Altar Guild and the School came to provide information on their ministries. Flo Lowrey provided a written report to the vestry naming and thanking everyone who helped make the evening such a joy for all attending.
The Rt. Rev. Rayford High will retire as our provisional bishop on June 30, 2015. The Rt. Rev. J. Scott Mayer, bishop of the Diocese of NW TX, is the nominee chosen for our next provisional bishop. Bishop High has called a Special Meeting of Convention on May 16 to elect successor.
The vestry voted to replace the current professional style stove in the parish kitchen with 2 regular sized stoves. Research is being done into the possible sale of the current stove.
Nicholas Chasteler has completed all the steps necessary for his Eagle Scout Project for St. Martin’s, and will be receiving his award shortly.
Recent torrential rains have caused damage to some of the classrooms in the education building. Mold has been detected and steps are being taken to correct the problem. The children of our school and parish have no access to the areas of possible contamination, and they remain safe.
An auction will be held to benefit St. Martin’s Episcopal School on the evening of May 16. Auction items will be solicited from parishioners and community businesses. Items of smaller value will be used in a Silent Auction, while higher value items will auctioned off by an auctioneer. All vestry members and school board members were urged to solicit auction items and participate in the evening. The Rector plans to be auctioneer.
Our school is offering kindergarten for the fall term, and students are already signing up.
The Rev. Scot McComas will be installed as Rector of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church by the Rt. Rev. Rayford High, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth at 11 AM on May 30, 2015.
On Saturday, April 25, the vestry gathered at the Kleinwechter home. The day began with a 5 minute called meeting during which the vestry unanimously approved the candidacy of Annette Mayer to the transitional diaconate. The Spring Vestry Retreat followed. The Rector led all present in determining their “True Colors” – a quick way to help understand one another – the similarities and differences among the participants. He also shared suggestions from other sources on leadership in churches. The day was full of fun, laughter and learning – to say nothing of good food shared.
On Sunday, April 26, the Rt. Rev. Rayford High made an official visit to St. Martin’s. Following the reception for the Bishop and confirmands the Bishop and vestry gathered informally. The Bishop expressed his joy at the service in which at least 19 persons were baptized, confirmed, received or renewed their vows to the Episcopal Church. He reminded the vestry of our unique positioning – in an area of growth – and the opportunities we have for evangelizing. He assured everyone that he plans to come to St. Martin’s whenever he can even after a new provisional bishop is elected.
2015 Vestry members: the Rev. Scot McComas (Rector); Gregory Anderson, Bob Bess (Senior Warden), Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey (Jr. Warden), Annette Duff, Pat Hollifield, Gil Kleinwechter, Elizabeth Mason, DJ Mitchell, Courtney Mullaney, Cyndy Sulots, Jim Wilson; Glenda Morehead (Clerk); Doug Watson (Treasurer).