Vestry highlights – February 16, 2014 meeting

What follows is approved by the Senior Warden and Interim Rector, but is strictly unofficial. Contact any member of the Vestry with your questions or comments.

The Vestry is aware that all aspects of Christian Education are in the hands of the clergy. After hearing parishioners’ comments at the Town Hall meetings, Vestry members recommended that Sunday School be scheduled during the 10:30 service with the first Sunday of every month designated as Family Worship.
The Vestry voted to adopt the following mission statement for St-Martin-in-the-Fields: “Our mission is to be Jesus Christ’s heart, hands and feet to our neighbors no matter where they are on their journey of faith.”
The Treasurer reported that income for January was less than expected.
Our Deanery is hosting Diocesan Convention 2014 in Arlington in November. Help will be needed.
Michele King, church secretary, has resigned and gone to work in the diocesan office. We will move as quickly as possible to replace her.
The copy machine has been used to make more than 1,000,000 copies and will need to be replaced soon. The refrigerator used for flowers is not working well and the refrigerator in the little kitchen needs repair. The phone system needs to be updated.
The Profile Committee is almost complete. This is the committee that will put together the profile of St-Martin-in-the-Fields that goes to prospective candidates for rector. The profile they create is to tell who we are as a church – our strengths and weaknesses.
The names of Search Committee candidates are currently being collected. The Vestry will consider the names on the list in “executive session” at the March meeting. Executive session means that the meeting is closed to all visitors and observers.