Unaccompanied Migrant Children – an update

Our waiting for unaccompanied migrant children to arrive at Dallas-area shelters is at an end. They’re not coming to the Dallas area. The decision has been made to supervise the care of the children most escaping harsh and violent situations in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, in the current border facilities. However, this remains as an opportunity to live our faith, to love as Christ calls us to love… to reach out in love to the support the neighbor that Christ sets before us.

The ways you can help are:

Prayer: Let us individually and together pray, trusting that God will direct our hands, our feet, and our hearts on the path He desires. Invite others to join with your congregation as you pray for the families, for the unaccompanied children, for the border patrol personnel, and for all those who are providing care for the refugees.

Family & Immigration Attorneys: Contact Human Rights Initiative, Catholic Charities of Dallas, or Justice for Our Neighbors.

Foster Families: Roughly 15,000 children are still expected to be placed with foster families; contact Catholic Charities of Fort Worth. They’re holding an information meeting in Fort Worth on August 14 and are working on scheduling one in Dallas.

Interpreters: To volunteer as an interpreter for legal or foster support, email Eileen O’Malley eomalley@ccdallas.org at Catholic Charities or email Deborah Balyeat, at deborahbalyeat@yahoo.com with Spanish for a Mission.

Monetary donations: The Diocese of West Texas, who has been collecting funds, says that they have sufficient funds at this time. Please realize that the need for funds will come and go as the border situation changes. When we know of a clear need, we will let you know.

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