Tween Gratitude Journals

The tweens started gratitude journals recently in Sunday school where they could record things each day and give thanks.  It’s a chance for them to look for God in their daily lives during the season of Lent.

They watched 40 Days in the Desert, a YouTube video that features Jesus journeying into the wilderness. The class was asked to look for places in the video clip where Jesus might have been able to offer thanks, even though things were very difficult. Tweens were asked to reflect on their own lives. Where do they see God even in the midst of hardship, sickness or grief? By keeping a daily gratitude journal, these young people are recording those glimmers where God is reaching out to them.

So, grab a journal or simply make a list of things you are grateful for in your life. See where each day takes you during Lent. You may see God in many unexpected places.

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