Teens Prepare for Confirmation

This weekend, teen confirmands will attend a retreat led by Mother Amy Haynie and Corrie Cabes.  The teens have been preparing for this new step in a mature relationship of their choosing with Christ.

Last Wednesday at our weekly youth meeting of Episcopal Youth Community (EYC), two teams worked on posters for Confirmation.  One team was made up of those supporting their friends that are going to be confirmed.  Here is their poster below that I feel is very encouraging.  We will have a frozen yogurt bar at the retreat, so I thought it was nice that one of our artists featured this yummy part of the Confirmation retreat.Confirmation poster pic 1

Another team consisted of our teen confirmands.  They wrote about what they were bringing to Confirmation and what they wanted to get out of Confirmation.  Below are the posters they worked on:confirm poster 3


I am so blessed to work with this group of young people.  They are so curious and hungry for a deeper faith and are becoming a tight group.  I am so pleased that the EYC will be supporting those teens going through Confirmation with their prayers and presence this Sunday.  We pray for all those who are dedicating their lives to Christ through Baptism, Confirmation, reaffirmation and being received this Sunday.


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