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Facebook 101

Many in our church are new to facebook, and many current users naturally have questions about account setup and privacy. If this is you, read on about Facebook 101! The fantastic, free online tutorial called Facebook 101 by the Goodwill Community Foundation (GCFLearnFree.org) has lesson slides and detailed video tutorials that patiently help you learn how […]

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Facebook for My Church

This is the first  follow-up article to the March 12, 2012 article Stepping Out with Social Media At Church.  If you haven’t read it yet, and you a social media newbie, please read it! Facebook for My Church Facebook is all about relationships and dialogue. So is church! Let’s look at how different kinds of interaction […]

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Stepping Out with Social Media At Church

A discussion topic recently arose from within our parish’s Radical Hospitality group during a Wednesday Night Live session:  “What small, interactive., things can the average church member (who’s not a ministry leader or staff member) do to help raise our church’s visibility on the internet and in our community?”  One thing is to  engage in […]

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