Vestry Highlights for March 2015

Vestry Highlights 3-15-2015

As clerk of the vestry I have been authorized by the rector and the senior warden to provide the following report of the most recent vestry meeting.  Full minutes of the meeting will be posted after their approval at the next regular vestry meeting.  In the meantime if you have questions or want more information, contact any vestry member.

The March Vestry meeting continued the process of everyone getting acquainted with one another, as well as with their duties and responsibilities as the leaders of St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Many things are different – not only are there new members on the Vestry, but a new Rector is in place after the interim time during which we had no permanent Rector. Although canons specify a Rector is the president of both the church and the Vestry, Fr Scot has asked Senior Warden Bob Bess to continue to chair Vestry meetings, giving him a chance to observe and ask questions like the other newcomers.
Flo Lowrey came to give information on the party planned for Newcomers on March 21 following the 5:00 service. The party will be quite large, and was made even larger with the addition of the 2 new members of the Mason household. As always, Flo has planned activities that will make all the new people feel welcomed and cared for. They will also be given help to decide in what way they can offer their talents and gifts to their church. Kathy Watson and her committee of practically perfect party preparation people will be in charge of what promises to be a sumptuous meal. Flo helped all Vestry members understand that one of their duties as leaders is to welcome all who come through the doors.
An AEDU (Automated External Defibrillation Unit) has been donated to St. Martin’s. Arrangements will be made to ensure all Vestry members are trained in its use. Since a Vestry Person in Charge is present at every service, that person is the logical person to call on when use of the unit is needed.
Jack Bolerjack and DJ Mitchell provided a quick lesson in the many steps required in completion of an Eagle Scout Project. Nicholas Chasteler is nearing the end of his Eagle Scout Project for St. Martin’s, and DJ will help him to ensure his final paperwork is all in order for him to receive the award.
The professional style stove in the parish hall kitchen is very difficult to operate. Jr Warden Charles Busey will bring a proposal for replacement of the unit to the next Vestry meeting.
There continues to be damage to the fields and grounds. In partnership with Fever United St. Martin’s will decide the most feasible way to solve the problem. Interest is increasing in better monitoring of the exterior. Gil Kleinwechter will analyze the options and return to the Vestry with a recommendation.
The Vestry went on record recognizing the name of our school as St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal School with the usage of St. Martin’s Episcopal School permissible in some instances.
VBS will be held in the evenings this summer for the first time in order to partner with Fever United Futbol. It is hoped that the new hours will attract more working families, more working volunteers and higher participation among older children.
The Rector is continuing the appointment of committees heads and members for the coming year: He will chair the Worship Committee, he and Gil Kleinwechter will head Stewardship, Annette Duff and Courtney Mullaney will co-chair the Communications Committee, Elizabeth Mason the Grow the Church Ministry, Gregory Anderson the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Linda Snow the Order of Daughters of the King. Other committee chairs and members will be announced later with a full listing of chairs to be included in the Directory of Ministries.
2015 Vestry members: the Rev. Scot McComas (Rector); Gregory Anderson, Bob Bess (Senior Warden), Jack Bolerjack, Charles Busey (Jr. Warden), Annette Duff, Pat Hollifield, Gil Kleinwechter, Elizabeth Mason, DJ Mitchell, Courtney Mullaney, Cyndy Sulots, Jim Wilson; Glenda Morehead (Clerk); Doug Watson (Treasurer).