Tackling Those Tough Questions

How to start a conversation when your kids ask about Jesus’ death and beyond…

The children had lots of questions for me this past week and I thought I would post the questions and my answers. Some of the questions came after Sunday school and from parents as well.  I am so glad that parents and children felt comfortable coming to me to get some help answering tough questions.

Our Lenten project for children and youth involved talking about Jesus and his life, ministry and death.  For two weeks in Sunday school, I read from the Bible and other books to describe Jesus’ death and how he was laid in a tomb.  I talked about God’s amazing love and how Jesus came to teach us how to love others, just like God loves us. Jesus was willing to die to fulfill God’s plan to teach us to love. He also defied death through Resurrection.

I have some tips that might be helpful because they are helpful to me.  I certainly do not have all the answers.

I try to be as honest as I can be.

I use simple words and explanations.

It’s ok to say “I don’t know…but I’ll find out.”

So, here are some of the questions that children asked during the process of building the tomb:

“Is Jesus magic?”

No, but Jesus is very special. He is God’s son and able to heal hurt bodies and broken hearts.  But, Jesus was also human.  It hurt when he died.  Because Jesus is God’s son, he was able to beat death on the cross and live again. We take what Jesus taught us and live a life that is kind and loving, just like Jesus was. We can walk close with Jesus every day by praying. Jesus calls us to live a life that shares the love of God with everyone, just like Jesus did.

“What happens when we get dead?

We know that God loves us and never wants to be apart from us or for us to be alone.  Even when we die, God will be with us. We don’t know exactly what that will be like, but we know that God has prepared a place for us because Jesus told us so.

“How did God get in Heaven?”

We believe that God made everything, even Heaven. God is everywhere. God cares about us, watches over us and guides us each day. How do we know this? Jesus told us so.

Please don’t be afraid to answer your children’s questions that pop up from time to time.  It’s ok to say that you don’t know the answer, but you will try to find out.  You can tell your child that we are absolutely sure about God’s love for us.  Think of the song “Jesus Love Me.” Your child will know it is ok to ask questions about faith and that it’s a good thing to think, to ponder and even to be unsure about God.  This is a way to build a strong relationship of faith with your child as your child works to build a strong relationship with Jesus.

Anytime you have questions, please feel free to ask Father Mike, Mother Amy, Deacon Henry or me.  We will be happy to listen and try to help in any way! Thank you for making Sunday school an important part of your children’s developing relationship with God.

Here’s a link to an article for more food for thought!




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