Sunday school returns with lots of prayer, purpose and creativity

Sunday school for children, tweens and teens returned on January 17 with lots of great activities to help our young people live each day with purpose. Young children joined tweens in crafting a prayer clothesline, clipping “prayer shirts” featuring drawings and names of those needing prayers onto a clothesline.

prayer clothesline

A prayer clothesline created by kids and tweens hangs in the school building.

The Godly Play class gathered for a story from the Old Testament about the sacrifices that Abraham was willing to make to follow God. This story features some parallels with the story of Jesus coming into the world.

Children gather for a "feast" for a bit of community time.

Children gather for a “feast” and a bit of community time.

The tween class is working their way through the Old Testament and created a “prayer beard” while learning more about the prophet Elijah.

A story about Elijah gave this class inspiration to create a prayer beard.

A story about Elijah gave this class some inspiration!

Our junior high class looked at two curriculums from Sparkhouse. They decided to study the Old Testament this spring. Teens will receive their own spiral to journal, doodle and take the stories of the Old Testament one step further in their daily lives. Here’s more information about this curriculum.

The senior high class began a new Bible study, looking at the New Testament through a Benedictine lens, with a light breakfast and some discussion about the unlikely friendship of Elizabeth and Mary, featuring content from Seeking His Mind: 40 Meetings with Christ.

a new class for teens featuring a quick breakfast and a look at the New Testament with a sprinkling of Benedictine goodness.

This class for 9-12 grades features a quick breakfast and a look at the New Testament with a sprinkling of Benedictine goodness.

Each class will start a new prayer practice this semester by praying the “Benny prayer” (a revised prayer of St. Benedict) at the beginning of their lesson as they gather together.  It’s just one more way that our young people are living out “the fives”: pray, give, worship, serve and love. Children ages 4-12 grades are invited to join in the fun this coming Sunday, January 24 at 10:30 am in the school building.

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