Sunday School News For Children: The January Scoop

The Children’s Ministry team has been hard at work preparing a wonderful Spring Semester for your children to enjoy! Take a peak at what we have planned for the month of January:

January 14:

Preschool: “God Creates the World” – God’s creation is awesome, and it tells us of our awesome God. God designed creation so it would teach us about him and draw us into a relationship with him. Through this lesson, children will find out that God made everything they see in the world and that God made it good. We will use this lesson to lead children in praising an infinitely creative God.
Godly Play: Epiphany: “Baby Jesus Presented to God” – During this lesson, children will learn that Epiphany is a time when we celebrate the mystery that God came to
us in Jesus the Christ child, a light for the whole world. Children will hear about how baby Jesus was presented to God in the Temple.
Grapple: “We Thank God for Jesus” – Let’s face it, middle-schoolers are not always as thankful as they could be. They may assume and expect good things and not recognize that these good things come from God. Here tweens will be reminded that good things come from God and they will look for ways to be grateful and thankful to God for all the things they enjoy.

January 21:

Preschool: “God Creates Adam and Eve” – When we look at creation we see its beauty and complexity; we also wonder that God takes such an interest in people. But Scripture tells us that we have a special place in creation. We were created in God’s image; we were created to care for creation, to rule over it; we were created to be God’s children. The Creator loves us! Here children will learn about why we worship the most amazing God.
Dig In: “Jesus is Amazing!” – In a world of YouTube and social media, kids have seen a lot more amazing things than kids of past generations saw. They’ve seen dogs riding bicycles, cats turning doorknobs, and so much more. It can be hard to amaze them, but this lesson will captivate them with the amazing miracles Jesus can do.
Grapple: “Wise Men Find Jesus” – Tweens often think of worship as the singing part of a church service. In most cases, they haven’t come to recognize what it means to live in a worshipful way. We will use this lesson to help them understand that worship goes beyond singing a song of praise; worship is when we give ourselves to God and live for him.

January 28:

Preschool: “Noah Builds the Ark” – In this lesson, preschoolers will learn about God asking Noah to build by hand a boat with approximately 100,000 square feet of space and care for all the animals he would bring with him on that vessel. Children will learn that God is all-knowing and there is nothing that God does not know or understand.
Dig In: “Wise and Foolish Builder” – Here students will learn that Jesus is trustworthy. There’s one thing we know for sure about this world: Kids will face storms like the ones Jesus talks about in his parables. They need to be prepared to stand firm in their faith, knowing that they can trust Jesus to help them through anything. We will use this lesson to help kids build their lives on Jesus – the trustworthy foundation.
Grapple: “John Baptizes Jesus” – Preteens are making the transition from concrete to abstract thinking. This maturing in their reasoning ability can have a strong impact on their belief systems. The simpler reasoning of their elementary years gives way to the ability to explore the “why” behind the facts. The questions in this lesson are designed to help kids wrestle with the application of Jesus coming to earth. We will encourage kids to think through what they are learning to help make faith more real in their lives.