Sunday School for Nursery, Children and Youth

This Sunday, children and teens will continue journeying through the Old Testament with a story of God’s love for Hagar and Ishmael. Each class will encounter ways to connect to God. Young children will find their voice to pray to God. Children will learn that when they slow down, they will encounter God. Tweens and teens will look at social justice and different ways to pray. Join us this Sunday!

Nursery (0-3 years) Faithweaver

Young children need to know that their voice is important and that they can connect to God through singing and short prayers. Each week, our youngest children hear, “God sees me, God knows me, God loves me…and I love God.” This very simple prayer teaches children that they are loved and that they can reach out to God with their voices.

Children (PreK-3 Grade) Godly Play

This week, children will dig deeper into what a “parable” is and why Jesus used parables to teach his followers. In the story of the Deep Well, children will encounter a very different parable. This story is not about Jesus, but it seeks to explain what it means to encounter God and how we are changed by the presence of God.

Tweens (4-6 Grade) Faithweaver

Tweens are beginning to have a great concern for the world around them. They’re becoming more interested in world affairs and are disturbed by injustice when they see it. We will use this lesson to nurture critical thinking. Our discussion will encourage kids to talk to God about everything on their minds, including the world around them.

Teens (7-12 Grade) Faithweaver

Teenagers are beginning to view prayer differently than they did when they were kids. They may be more inclined to pray, because the abstract concept of talking to an unseen God isn’t as hard to grasp. But they may also be more likely to get mad at God when prayers seem to go unanswered.

Soap Drive Ends

Don’t forget to bring bars of soap this Sunday, January 25 as we wrap up a month of giving to Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM). Bring soap to the sanctuary or the education building. Children and youth ministry will be collecting toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for UGM in the month of February.


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