Sunday School for Nursery, Children and Teens

Special Events Continue During Lent in the Education Building

Calling all children and teens! We will remember how Jesus ventured into a rough and unfriendly wilderness for 40 days where he was tested. Each week, children and teens will see images of Jesus entering the wilderness in the Lenten Wilderness Art Display in the education building. It’s a great way to start a faith conversation by focusing on what is depicted in each image.

Children and teens will also be asked to reflect on their own lives during Lent. The trees surrounding the wilderness art display are filling with “gratitude” leaves. Children and teens are invited to write the names of loved ones, draw images and write about things that are gifts from God on the leaves.

Check out a few pics from this project.

Each class will continue to find ways to connect with Jesus and hear about the amazing things Jesus said and did along the way. Old Testament stories are linked to the New Testament in Godly Play. The Faithweaver curriculum will introduce younger children, tweens and teens to the ministry Jesus began that continues today. Join us this Sunday during the 10:30am service in the education building!

Sunday School This Week: Creating a Space for Worship

Nursery (0-3 years) Faithweaver

Young children will learn that Jesus is a gift to us. We will practice ways of worshipping Jesus by thanking him with prayer. We will try to be like Jesus by loving others and praising him with joyful songs, cheers, and movement.

Children (PreK-3 Grade) Godly Play

Each week, this class features a short chapel service. Then, children head to the Godly Play room, to hear a storyteller present new and fresh ways to teach Bible truths. This week, children will start to journey towards Easter through the story of the Faces of Easter. Here’s an example of this story:

Tweens (4-6 Grade) Faithweaver

This week, the tweens will design and create a worship space. They will think about how they want to worship God. They’ll pull together chairs, altars, create art pieces and reflect on how they want to praise God. Sunday school will end with all classes gathering in the new worship space for a short prayer service. Check out their worship space in the education building after the 10:30am service.

Teens (7-12 Grade) Faithweaver

Teenagers will spend $500 this Sunday. How?  The teens have been given the opportunity to choose people from around the world to lend money to by the Mission and Outreach committee at St. Martin’s. They’ve been looking at borrower profiles on microloans give borrowers opportunities to change their lives and their community as well. Borrowers may seek to use the loans to go to school, grow businesses, or even switch to clean energy. Each loan is repaid by the borrower. The teen Sunday school class has narrowed down their search. They want to help someone who is seeking a loan in education or agriculture. They will log into their kiva account and make a microloan. Look for an update on who they choose and the process of this decision.

March Campaign

One of St. Martin’s youth is leading a water bottle sales campaign for the month of March. The water bottles will go into the sack lunches made on Service Sunday to feed the homeless served by Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM). We’ve had a great response so far! 18 cases of water have been purchased to go directly to the homeless. There’s still time and you can help!Here’s how you can participateThis campaign ends on March 22.  Check out each monthly campaign for Spring 2015.

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