Sunday School for Nursery, Children and Teens

Special Events During Lent in the Education Building

Calling all children and teens! We will join Jesus, remembering how he ventured into a rough and unfriendly wilderness for 40 days where he was tested. Each week, children and teens will see images of Jesus entering the wilderness in the Lenten Wilderness Art Display in the education building. It’s a great way to start a faith conversation by focusing on what is depicted in each image.

Children and teens will also be asked to reflect on their own lives during Lent. Bare trees will flank the wilderness art display and children are invited to  create “gratitude” leaves, filling leafless trees with names of loved ones, images and other things that are gifts from God.

Each class will continue to find ways to connect with Jesus and hear about the amazing things Jesus said and did along the way. Old Testament stories are linked to the New Testament in Godly Play. The Faithweaver curriculum will introduce younger children, tweens and teens to the ministry Jesus began that continues today. Join us!

Sunday School This Week

Nursery (0-3 years) Faithweaver

Young children will identify Jesus as someone to follow. Children will celebrate Jesus’ life with crafts, singing songs about Jesus, and learning to pray.

Children (PreK-3 Grade) Godly Play

Each week, this class features a short chapel service. Then children head to the Godly Play room, to hear a storyteller present new and fresh ways to teach Bible truths. In the Parable of the Great Pearl, Jesus tries to describe the kingdom of Heaven. Children will be invited to make a necklace of pearls and beads or create a clamshell to keep a precious pearl.

Tweens (4-6 Grade) Faithweaver

Tweens can have a hard time relating to Jesus, whose life and ministry seem so far away and different from their daily lives. Even stories of Jesus, his work and miracles fall flat because they already “know the stories.” Tweens will be asked to insert themselves into the ministry of Jesus, as a disciple in today’s world. How do we follow Christ today? What can we do to live out the Gospel?

Teens (7-12 Grade) Faithweaver

Teenagers may feel caught between wanting to grow past a childlike enthusiasm of faith and experience a budding adult realization of the personal significance of Jesus being born into this world for each of them. We will focus on how Jesus is a present and active figure even in today’s world.

February Campaign

Don’t forget! We are collecting toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM). This is the last week to donate to this worthy campaign to help the homeless. This campaign ends on February 22. Bring donations to the church sanctuary so they may be blessed. Check out each monthly campaign for Spring 2015.

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