Sunday School for Nursery, Children and Teens

Calling all children and teens! As we look towards Lent, we are preparing our hearts for a journey. We are making a space that is open to respond to Jesus as we look at his earthly ministry. Each class will learn about following Jesus and hear amazing things Jesus said and did along the way. Old Testament stories are linked to the New Testament in Godly Play. The Faithweaver curriculum will introduce younger children, tweens and teens to the ministry Jesus began that continues today. Join us!

Nursery (0-3 years) Faithweaver

Young children will identify Jesus as someone very special.  With a short chapel service, prayers, songs and crafts, children will learn that Jesus was born and look toward his earthly life and ministry on earth.

Children (PreK-3 Grade) Godly Play

Children will hear a story about the exodus of God’s people as they crossed the desert, not knowing if they would ever return. We will link this journey to Jesus beginning his ministry on earth. Jesus didn’t turn back, but started a journey of ministry that would lead to the cross.

Tweens (4-6 Grade) Faithweaver

Tweens can get hung up on getting all dressed up for church (or not!). In all the outward appearances of preparation, they may miss out on the inward heart preparation. This week, we will challenge this group to focus on getting prepared for church by praying for the worshipservice they are about to enter and rejoin their families for communion. This will help tweens come to church just a little more focused on what is most important—a heart ready to worship. Tweens will also start to prepare their hearts for a journey of faith as the season of Lent approaches with activities that ask them to think, pray and respond with gratitude.

Teens (7-12 Grade) Faithweaver

Many teenagers are misguided when they think of the Christian life  as a place where they must strive for perfection.  For too many, the “Christian” life becomes a grocery list of external rules, while internal characteristics such as learning to love, discarding hate, and practicing forgiveness are not emphasized nearly as much. We will look at what God really values, and commit to starting a path that follows the cross.

February Campaign

Don’t forget! We have a new giving campaign for the month of February. We are collecting toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste for  Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County (UGM). Bring items to the sanctuary or the education building where you will find baskets designated for the giving campaign. This campaign ends on February 22. Check out each monthly campaign for Spring 2015.


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