Sunday School for Nursery, Children and Teens

This Sunday, children and teens will continue journeying through the Old Testament. Sarah and Abraham welcome Isaac into the world.

Nursery (0-3 years)Faithweaver

Our youngest children will learn more about Abraham and Sarah. They will celebrate the birth of Isaac and learn that God keeps promises.

Children (PreK-3 Grade)Godly Play

Jesus liked to tell stories that people could relate to and understand the true nature of God. This week, the children will hear a new story, different from all of the other parable stories in the Bible. As the children encounter the Parable of the Deep Well, they will find a story that challenges them to really think. What will they discover in a story that features a well in a desert? God teaches new meanings each Sunday in Godly Play.

Tweens (4-6 Grade) Faithweaver

Tweens will be asked to consider the gifts God give them in their daily lives. God gives us so many good things in our lives. From friends to family, God gives us many things that make our lives rich. How do we respond to God’s love? How do we see God’s goodness even in tough situations?

Teens (7-12 Grade) Faithweaver

Teens will discuss entitlement and receiving credit when it sometimes isn’t “due.” When trophies and graduation ceremonies fall flat, we wonder what it truly means to accomplish something. On the other side, it may be hard to give thanks when it doesn’t feel earned. Teens will delve into concepts of thanksgiving and grace.

Soap Drive Continues

Don’t forget to bring bars of soap this month for Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. We will continue this drive through January 25. Bring soap to the sanctuary or the education building.



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