Sunday School for Children and Teens

This Sunday, join us as we continue through the Old Testament. Beginning this Fall, the nursery, children and teens started in Genesis and have continued along, learning about Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah and more.  They’ve learned important Bible truths and good ways to live a life that honors God. Children 4 years through 6th grade will continue casting for the Epiphany Pageant.

Nursery (0-3 years)

Our youngest children will learn to trust God, just like Sarai and Abram did as they began a new journey that changed everything. They will play games like “Packing for a Journey” just like God’s people prepared in Genesis 12:1-8.

 Godly Play (4 years-3 Grade)

In Godly Play, children will learn about the “10 Best Ways” to live their lives.  God wants the very best for us and gives us rules to live by for a wonderful life.

 Tweens (4-6 Grade)

Tweens are learning that the world is unfair.But, God is worthy of our trust.  We’ll have activities where tweens practice trusting others and we’ll explore the relationship of trust, just like Abram and Sarai in Genesis.

Teens (7-12 Grade)

Teens will take decisions they are facing and add God to the equation. They will watch video clips and discuss Abram’s call to follow God.





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