Summer Children’s Chapel on Sunday, June 21

Summer Children’s chapel is held each Sunday during the 10:30 am service in the summer except on the first Sunday of the month. On the first Sunday of the month, a family worship service is offered at 10:30 am with a youth focused sermon, youth readers and more.

When Summer Children’s Chapel is held, children and youth are invited to follow the cross for Bible readings, a short children’s sermon and hands on activities. Children return at the Peace to experience Holy Communion with their family.

This week’s children’s chapel will focus on what an usher’s role is in the Episcopal church. Rex and Kerry Angle will visit chapel and talk about how they were called to serve as ushers and what their specific ministry is all about. Children will be invited to ask questions, practice being an usher and learn more about ministry in the Episcopal church.

Categories: Sunday School-OLD