Stop Hunger Now – the food we packed went to Haiti!

The program director for Stop Hunger Now in the Dallas/Fort Worth area wrote to let us know where the food from our September meal packaging event are headed, and why.

The meals from your meal packaging event on 9/24/2016 have been shipped in a container totaling 285,120 meals from our Dallas/Fort Worth warehouse. The meals will be received by our in-country partner Adventist Relief and Development Agency in Haiti.
In Haiti, Hurricane Matthew left approximately 1.3 million people affected of which 750,000 are in need of immediate assistance. Stop Hunger Now has committed for distribution more than 9 containers (2,566,080 meals) to support the relief efforts of ADRA International. Approximately 25,120 people who have been displaced or otherwise impacted by the devastating storm will receive the critical hunger relief, especially in areas around Les Cayes, Haiti.

Southern Haiti was hit very hard by hurricane Matthew just weeks after St. Martin’s meal packing event. The New York Times reported on the devastation:
“It could take at least a decade for parts of Haiti to recover economically following the deadly blow dealt by Hurricane Matthew” according to; they explain the devastating effects here.
Our money for food and our time and energy in packing meals will give Haitians what they desperately need.

Thank you for volunteering with Stop Hunger Now. We truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to the vision of a world without hunger.